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Linked data types
Linked data types

What are linked data types in Excel?

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Data on hundreds of subjects like cities, foods, animals, constellations, and more, all right in Excel. With linked data types, you gain access to a trusted database brimming with facts and data, templates to get things done, and more. These data types make it possible to accomplish goals for real life with the power and flexibility of Excel.

Note: Data types from different providers like Wolfram, Bing, Power BI, and more have different requirements in order to use them. Most data types require a Microsoft 365 subscription. To check out the requirements, see the availability section of the Linked data types FAQ.

Data types transform the way you work with data

Real data for real life

Explore the universe or start a film club? With tons of data types with facts on a variety of subjects, the possibilities are almost limitless.

Convenience and efficiency

No more pasting from browsers or skimming search results. Data types make it easy to compile and bring facts from trusted sources right into Excel.

Use dynamic and flexible datasets

Easily explore data in Excel with interactive cards that hold a variety of data in a single cell. Insert, refresh, and work with data the way you want.

Start quickly with smart templates

Our data type templates help get things done fast, such as comparing colleges, tracking investments, planning a movie nights, and more.

Ready to get started?

There's multiple ways you can learn how to work with linked data types in Excel.

screenshot of the Wolfram planet template

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