What is this service and why do I need to use it?

With constant improvements being made to the Office apps, sometimes you’ll find that different versions can require file format changes so you can work with your files without interruption.

When you pick "Allow", we send your files over the Internet to our secure service where your file is processed and then sent back to your device. We do this so you can:

  • Open files in an older format (such as .ppt, or .xls) in the newer versions of Office

  • Print Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files

  • Open corrupt files

The contents of your file are never at risk for privacy or data loss. And we don’t store any of your content on our servers. You can read the Privacy Statement for more information.

What happens if I pick "Don’t Allow"?

There isn’t an alternative way to do what this service does for you, so if you want to open and work with your file, you’ll want to pick “Allow”.

If I pick “Allow”, how long does it take?

Momentarily. You might not even notice that our service is doing its job.

Do I have to pick “Allow” every time a file is opened?

When you pick “Allow”, you won’t see the message again for the reasons mentioned above. However, you can always opt out of the service.

How do I opt out of the service?

To turn off the service, you can swipe from the left to bring up the menu and turn off the setting.

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