What linked data types are available in Excel?

With linked data types, you get access to information about a wide range of subjects and areas without ever leaving Excel. Excel gets this information from reputable sources such as Bing, Wolfram Alpha, and more. There are lots of linked data types available today and many more to come. This page will be updated to list the most current availability of linked data types.

Tip: If you want to know the source of the information that your converted data type is pulling from, simply select the data type icon in the cell to open the card, and at the bottom you'll see the source.

Note: Data types from Wolfram Alpha (all below except for Stocks, Geography, and Organization) are gradually being rolled out to subscribers. If you want to use them now, you must be in the Beta channel on the Insiders Program. See When do I get the newest features for Microsoft 365? for more details on how features are rolled out and how to join the Beta channel.

List of linked data types in Excel

Below is a list of all the data types that are available in the data types gallery dropdown. To use them, select the Data tab in Excel, in the Data Types group, expand the gallery to view all the data types available to you. If you don't see data types, see How can I access data types in the FAQ.

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Includes the following data types



stock, equity, mutual fund, ETF, index, currency pair, commodity, treasury benchmark 

About our finance data sources

MSFT, Microsoft


country/region, city, state, administrative division, county, township, municipality, district, shire, province, territory, zip code

Seattle, United States


The availability of Organization data types varies.

See Use Excel data types from Power BI for details on availability and how to use this feature.

Employee ID, Customer name


administrative division, airport, amusement park, amusement park ride, astronomical observatory, beach, bridge, building, canal, castle, cave, cemetery, city, country, dam, desert, district, court, earth impact, forest, geographic region, glacier, historical site, island, lake, library branch, library system, mine, mountain, museum, neighborhood, nuclear explosion, nuclear reactor, nuclear test site, ocean, oil field, park, particle accelerator, private school, public school, reef, reserve, land, river, school district, shipwreck, stadium, tunnel, undersea feature, university, US congressional district, volcano, waterfall, ZIP code

The Louvre, Mariana Trench, Golden Gate Bridge, etc.

ZIP Code

US ZIP code

98052, 67212



University of Pennsylvania, WSU, Louisiana State


astronomical radio source, comet, constellation, deep space probe, exoplanet, galaxy, manned space mission, meteor shower, minor planet, nebula, planet, planetary moon, pulsar rocket, satellite, solar system feature, star, star cluster, supernova

Sirius A, Scorpio, Orion Nebula



Landsat 8, International Space Station, Starlink-21


chemical, element, isotope, mineral

H-6, lithium, magnesium, CO2, opal



Hydrogen, Helium, Li, Be


food, food type, food type group, nutrient

Tip: You can include serving size or quantities when using the food data type.

2 eggs, grains, hamburger


activity formula


  • Use this button to retrieve calories burned while performing the physical activity for some period of time. You can even include details about the physical characteristics of the person performing the activity to get adjusted data.

  • If you're looking for detailed information about yoga/pilates poses, use the Automatic button.

running for 10 minutes, 140 lbs female swimming for 30 minutes 



La La Land, Toy Story, Casablanca


Fictional characters

Indiana Jones, Veronica Mars

disease, medical test, ICD nine, ICD ten, cognitive task

ICD-9 311, Hodgkin's lymphoma

anatomical structure, neuron, anatomical functional concept, anatomical temporal concept

cornea, visual pattern recognition

artwork, book, music act, music work, music album, musical instrument

Mona Lisa, Metallica

plant, animal species, dog breed, cat breed, dinosaur, cattle breed, goat breed, pig breed, pigeon breed, poultry breed, sheep breed, animal anatomical structure

lily, rhino, Siberian Husky

yoga pose, yoga position, yoga sequence, yoga prop, pilates exercise, physical activity

Sun salutation A, Happy baby, Downward facing dog

person, given name, tropical storm, cloud, atmospheric layer, language, sport object

Steven, stratosphere, hockey stick

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