After June 11, 2023, data types by Wolfram will no longer be supported and can't be refreshed. However, Bing, Power Query, and Organization data types will still be supported.

Linked data types connect to reputable sources of data, such as Bing, Wolfram, Power BI and more, so you can access information about a variety of subjects without ever leaving Excel. There are lots of linked data types available with more to come, and this page will be updated with what's currently available.

Note: Linked data types are only available to Worldwide Multi-Tenant clients (Microsoft 365 accounts,) but data types from different sources may have different requirements. To check the source, select the data type icon in the cell of a converted data type > in the card, scroll to the bottom for the source name. For detailed requirements, see How to access data types in the FAQ.

List of linked data types in Excel

Data types are organized into topic groups so it's easier to find the right button in the ribbon to convert with. To open the data types gallery, go to the Data tab in Excel > Data Types group > expand the dropdown. 

Note: Most data types require a Microsoft 365 subscription to use, but data types from different sources may have different requirements to use them. To check the requirements, see How to access data types in the FAQ. To check the source, select the data type icon in the cell of a converted data type to open the card, then scroll to the bottom for the source name.

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Includes these data types

Examples to convert


stock, equity, mutual fund, ETF, index, currency pair, commodity, treasury benchmark

About our finance data sources

Powered by Bing

MSFT, Microsoft


exchange rates

Powered by Bing


Tip: Make sure to insert two currencies separated by a "/" or a ":".


country/region, city, state, administrative division, county, township, municipality, district, shire, province, territory, zip code

Powered by Bing

Seattle, United States


See Use Excel data types from Power BI for details on availability and how to use this feature.

Powered by Power BI

Employee ID, Customer name


administrative division, airport, amusement park, amusement park ride, astronomical observatory, beach, bridge, building, canal, castle, cave, cemetery, city, country, dam, desert, district, court, earth impact, forest, geographic region, glacier, historical site, island, lake, library branch, library system, mine, mountain, museum, neighborhood, nuclear explosion, nuclear reactor, nuclear test site, ocean, oil field, park, particle accelerator, private school, public school, reef, reserve, land, river, school district, shipwreck, stadium, tunnel, undersea feature, university, US congressional district, volcano, waterfall, US ZIP Code

Powered by Wolfram

The Louvre, Mariana Trench, Golden Gate Bridge etc.


city, neighborhood, US ZIP Code

Powered by Wolfram

London, 98052



Powered by Wolfram

University of Pennsylvania, WSU, University of Notre Dame


astronomical radio source, comet, constellation, deep space probe, exoplanet, galaxy, manned space mission, meteor shower, minor planet, nebula, planet, planetary moon, pulsar rocket, satellite, solar system feature, star, star cluster, supernova

Powered by Wolfram

Sirius A, Scorpio, Orion Nebula, International Space Station


beach, canal, cave, dam, desert, earth impact, forest, glacier, island, lake, mine, mountain, ocean, reef, reserve land, river, undersea feature, volcano

Powered by Wolfram

Mount Everest, River Thames


chemical, element, isotope, mineral

Powered by Wolfram

lithium, magnesium, CO2, diamond

Tip: Double-check your element capitalization. For example, "Co" is Cobalt and "CO" is Carbon monoxide.


yoga pose, yoga position, yoga sequence, yoga prop

Powered by Wolfram

Note: If you're looking for yoga or pilates poses, the Yoga button or the Automatic button for pilates.

Fierce pose, frog pose


food, food type, food type group, nutrient

Powered by Wolfram

2 eggs, 1 cup of white rice, 4 oz of chicken breast

Tip: You can include serving size or quantities when using the Foods data type.



Powered by Wolfram

La La Land, Toy Story, Casablanca



Powered by Wolfram

maple, lily


person, given name, fictional character

Powered by Wolfram

Sherlock Holmes, Bill Gates


animal anatomical structure, species, dog breed, cat breed, cattle breed, dinosaur, goat breed, pig breed, pigeon breed, poultry breed, sheep breed

Powered by Wolfram

English Setter, raven


anatomical structure, neuron, anatomical functional concept, anatomical temporal concept

Powered by Wolfram

cornea, visual pattern recognition


music act, music work, musical instrument, music album

Powered by Wolfram

Thriller, Coldplay, flute


disease, medical test, ICD-9 code, ICD-10 code, cognitive task

Powered by Wolfram

ICD-9 311, rabies


artwork, book, music act, music work, music album, musical instrument, culture and entertainment

Mona Lisa, Metallica


tropical storm, cloud, atmospheric layer

stratosphere, hurricane Katrina

pilates exercise

Cat stretch, Spine twist, Push up

language, sport object

Powered by Wolfram

Italian, hockey stick

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