What permissions do I need for SharePoint versioning?

To use versioning in SharePoint lists and libraries you need to have specific permissions depending on the task you're doing.

What permissions do I need?

The permissions listed in the following table are default permissions. Since your administrator can create custom permissions, they may be different in your organization. Generally, if you can see the document, you can view its version history. If you can edit it, you can restore a previous version or delete a previous version. More advanced operations may require administration permissions on the list or site. To edit or set permissions, see Edit permissions for a list or library

To do this…

I need this permission…

View version history

Full Control, Contribute, Read

Restore a previous version

Full Control, Contribute

Delete a version

Full Control, Contribute

Unpublish a version

Full Control, Contribute

Recover deleted a deleted version*

Full control and/or Contribute

* Documents stay in the Recycle Bin for a period of time set by the administrator, typically 30 days. If you need to recover a deleted version after that period has ended, contact your administrator. For more on the recycle bin, see Restore deleted content in the Recycle Bin of a SharePoint site

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