What's new in Excel for the web

Discover more about your data

Worksheet on the left and Ideas pane on the right

The new Ideas button looks for patterns in your data, and uses them to create intelligent, personalized, suggestions.


See formulas in living color

4 cells in different colors with formula that matches colors

Just like in other versions of Excel, formulas are now color-coded so that you can differentiate between arguments.

Reference cells like a champ

Wordsheet showing "sheet2" in the formula bar

Writing a formula? Reference another sheet's cell by clicking the sheet, then the cell.

Insert PivotTable

Insert and edit shape

Insert connectors

Insert image

Data validation

Duplicate sheet

Color sheet tab

View who's locking my file

Open workbooks in edit mode by default (when the file is on SharePoint Online)

Reference a cell in another sheet

Insert or delete a table row or column

Insert copied cells

Cut, copy, and paste plain text across workbooks

Display named ranges

Colored references in formulas

F4 keyboard shortcut: cycle through absolute and relative references in forumlas

Freeze panes

Conditional formatting

Increase and decrease font size

Set the width or height of columns and rows


Additional border types

Strikethough text

Increase or decrease indent

Shapes rotation

Render grouped opjects

Cut, copy, paste an image, shape, chart, or equation

Insert a Pivot Chart from a PivotTable

Templates to get you started (link to Get started with Excel for the web topic)

Tutorials (link to Get started with Excel for the web topic)

For developers (link to Get started with Excel for the web topic)

Suggest a feature (link to new Give Excel for the web feedback topic)

Report an issue (link to new Give Excel for the web feedback topic)

Blog_XLO News
Excel Online: News & Updates, Summer 2018
by Kasper Langmann on 08-07-18

The Excel for the web interface has come a long way, making it easier for users to see, find, and work with their data. Here are the ways that you can customize the interface but couldn’t back in 2016.
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Insert Pivot Tables in Excel Online
by Gregory Appel on 03-04-18

Inserting new Pivot Tables in Excel for the web is now possible! This long awaited feature is now available to Excel for the web.
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Introducing Forms for Excel

by Olaf Hubel on 09-22-17

Forms for Excel, powered by Microsoft Forms, has replaced Excel Survey. This update comes with a modern experience to make it simple and easy to collect information from users. 
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