Why am I receiving email notifications from OneDrive?

As work becomes more collaborative and distributed, it can be hard to keep track of changes in documents. To help manage changes in documents saved to OneDrive or OneDrive mobile, OneDrive will notify you when comments are added to a document you created or when someone replied to a comment you made. These notifications are designed to draw your attention to important changes in a document and make it easier to stay aware of these changes. 

Why are some notifications grouped into a single message but others aren’t?

To reduce the number of emails sent, we group notifications received in documents that have a lot of recent activity.  

How do I give feedback on these email notifications?  

We’d love to hear about your experience with notifications in OneDrive. Please use the comments section below to share any ideas or feedback. To leave a comment, choose "Yes" or "No" next to "Was this information helpful," enter your feedback, and then select Send

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