Why can’t I open a diagram for editing in Visio for the web?

You can create and edit diagrams available from the Visio for the web landing page, such as Basic Diagram, Process Steps, and Cycle Diagram. You can also edit many diagrams created from Visio desktop templates, but not all of them. Diagrams that contain advanced features are not supported when you are editing a diagram. You can continue to edit these diagrams in Visio, and the changes appear the next time you open the diagram in Visio for the web.

Important    Creating and editing a diagram in Visio for the web requires a license to edit. For more information, contact your Office 365 admin.

The following is a list of advanced features that are not supported when you are editing in Visio for the web:



File formats

The following file formats are not supported:

  • Drawing (.vsd)

  • Stencil (.vss)

  • Template (.vst)

  • Web drawing (.vsw)

  • XML drawing (.vdx)

  • XML stencil (.vsx)

  • XML template (.vtx)

  • XML drawing, macro-enabled (.vsdm)

  • XML stencil (.vssx)

  • XML stencil, macro-enabled (.vssm)

  • XML template (.vstx)

  • XML template, macro-enabled (.vstm)

  • Add-on (.vsl)

Data connected diagrams

Diagrams with data connected to data sources including:

  • Microsoft Excel workbook

  • Microsoft Access database

  • Microsoft SharePoint list

  • Microsoft SQL Server database

  • Other OLEDB or ODBC data source

Shapes with certain gradients and effects

Advanced Visio Desktop gradients and effects, whether applied to a shape or added as a new shape, that are not available in Visio for the web including:

  • Themes and variants

  • Quick styles

  • Effects from shape styles

  • Gradients available from the Format Shape pane in Visio.

  • Sketch effects

Templates with solutions and add-ins

Examples include Organization Charts, Cross Functional Flowcharts, and some third-party solutions.


Diagrams with layers that have set the Lock, Color, or Transparency properties.

Shapes with certain protection properties set

The following shape protection properties are not supported:

  • LockBegin

  • LockEnd

  • LockRepIace

  • LockSeIect

  • LockFromGroupFormat

  • LockThemeCoIors

  • LockThemeEffects

  • LockThemeConnectors

  • LockThemeFonts

  • LockThemeIndex

  • LockCustProp

  • LockCrop

  • LockVariation

  • LockGroup

The following shape protection properties are supported:

  • LockWidth

  • LockHeight

  • LockAspect

  • LockMoveX

  • LockMoveY

  • LockRotate

  • LockDelete

  • LockFormat

  • LockTextEdit

  • LockVtxEdit

  • LockGroup

  • LockCalcWH

Large diagrams

Diagrams with more than 1000 shapes on a page or more than 50 pages.


All object types including:

  • ActiveX controls

  • OLE objects

  • Ink Objects


Other features including:

  • Text characters with double underline or double strikethrough

  • Text with text direction set to vertical

  • Lines with custom patterns or compound types

  • Lines with Begin or End arrows other than those available in Visio for the web

  • Custom color schemes

  • 2D shapes with negative dimensions defined

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