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To link contacts using the Clean up contacts option: On the People page, select Manage on the toolbar, and then select Clean up contacts. You'll see any contacts that have the same name, email address, or phone number. Select the contacts you want to link, and then select Clean up. To unlink a linked contact:

Using contacts (People) in Outlook on the web
Use the Search box to search for a person or a contact list.. The toolbar provides menus and commands for creating and modifying your contacts, contact lists, and groups depending on the context. Favorites shows everyone you've added to your favorites.. Your contacts shows all saved contacts and contact lists in all folders.. Your contact lists shows all contact lists in all folders.

Open and use all contacts - Microsoft 365
Using all address books. You can view contacts and send emails to people in all of your available address lists. Viewing contacts (People) in Outlook. In Outlook, choose People at the bottom of the screen. By default, you see your personal contacts.

Use the Contacts Access Database template - Access
Use the Access Contacts Database template to keep track of names, addresses, telephone numbers, and other information. This new version of a popular Access template also lets you categorize each contact, send e-mail messages, and create maps of addresses.

Add a contact - Outlook
Import contacts from a .csv or .pst file A .csv file contains contacts you've exported into a text file, where each part of the contact's information is separated by a comma (.csv means "comma separated value").. A .pst file is a file exported from Outlook into a format that another computer running Outlook can read.

MSN Explorer: Manage my contacts
Guidelines for using contacts: Use the following guidelines when adding contacts to your address book. You must assign a Quickname to each contact you add to your address book. This is a nickname used to quickly send email or locate contact information. The first and last name for a contact can each be up to 40 characters long.

Where are my contacts in Mail for Windows 10?
Choose a contact to add their email address to the To line of your email. If no match is found or the suggestions don't include the address you need, choose Search Directory. Send an email to a contact from the People app. You can also send an email directly from the People app. In the lower left corner of Windows 10, choose the Start button .

People overview - Outlook Web App - Outlook
If you want to share contacts with people inside or outside your organization, we recommend that you use the share contacts feature in Outlook. For more information, see Share a contacts folder with others. Another way you can share contacts with people inside your organization is by using a shared mailbox.

contact groups in Windows 10 - Microsoft Community
This answer does not appear to make sense. You can create contact groups in Outlook and, as far as I'm aware the facility has been available for a long, long time. I have quite a few that I use regularly. Outlook is not the problem - the Mail app in Windows 10 is. I do not think that 'Activesync' is the issue.
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Video: Add and use contacts - Outlook
If you want to view or edit the information using the full contact form, go to the reading pane and click Outlook (Contacts) under View Source. To remove a contact, click Delete in the full contact form, or select a contact in the list and press Delete. So, these are the basics. Up next, we'll explore more ways to view and edit your contacts.

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