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The following keyboard commands support ease of access:

Keyboard shortcuts 


Use when you want to:

Start key  + ENTER

Turns Narrator on or off

Have Narrator read aloud the text highlighted on the screen 

Start key  +  =

Increases magnification Opens the magnifier 

Enlarge everything on the screen or everything in the magnifier lens

(You can also select the + on the magnifier toolbar.)

Start key  +   -

Reduces magnification

Shrink everything on the screen. (You can also select the - on the magnifier toolbar.)

Right shift for eight seconds

Turns Filter Keys on or off.

Ignore or slow down brief or repeated keystrokes and adjust keyboard repeat rates.

Shift five times

Turns Sticky Keys on or off.

Press one key at a time for keyboard shortcuts.

After a session ends, all accessibility settings will go back to their defaults.

Using the magnifier

To open the magnifier, hold down the Start key  while you press the + key. Then, select Magnifier to open the magnifier toolbar.

Use the toolbar to select how the magnifier looks (full screen, lens, or docked), adjust other magnification settings, or close the magnifier.

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