A connected USB storage device may not be removable using “Safely Remove Hardware” feature in Windows Embedded Standard 2009


On a Windows Embedded Standard 2009 device, a USB storage device may not be removable using Safely Remove Hardware  OS feature.

This may happen if the OS is booted with the USB flush memory device connected when the Registry filter feature is enabled.


This issue may occur due to an incorrect reference count generated when the OS is created with the Registry Filter feature enabled, and a USB storage device is connected during the boot process.


To work around this issue:

Shut down the computer before you remove the USB device. 

To prevent this issue:

  1. Boot the Registry Filter enabled OS without the USB storage device attached to the system.

  2. After the OS boots successfully, attach the USB storage device to the system.

The USB storage device should now be removable using the Safely Remove Hardware feature.

More Information

Steps to reproduce:

  • Build a WES09 image that includes Registry Filter and USB Mass Storage Device components.

  • After FBA, attach the USB flush memory to the system and reboot. (At this point, Registry Filter service is enabled by default)

  • Logon to the OS.

  • Click Safely Remove icon in notification area.

  • From the device list, select Safely remove USB Mass Storage Device – Drive()

Expected Result:

USB Mass Storage Device is safely removed.

Actual Result:

USB Mass Storage Device cannot be removed, as the device status says - it is still being used.

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