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When the General Ledger Interface report prints after I complete a General Ledger Interface (Routines | Fixed Assets | General Ledger Interface), the transactions show up on the report but there are multiple Account Not Found messages and I don't see the accounts that were assigned to these assets. When I go to (Cards | Fixed Assets | General )and select various assets, all of them have accounts assigned to them.


In this situation, the Require Accounts option was not marked in the Fixed Assets Company Setup window. (On versions 5.5 and older this window is located by going to Work | Fixed Assets Palette | Setup | Company. Starting on version 6.0, go to Setup | Financial | Fixed Assets | Setup | Company.)

In order for the General Ledger Interface to work, a Corporate Book needs to assigned in the Fixed Assets Company Setup window (this is the only book that will interface to the General Ledger) and the Require Account Box needs to be marked. The Default Accounts expansion window also needs to be completed if you mark Require Accounts. These accounts will be used only if you leave any asset accounts blank when setting up a new asset. For example, if you leave the Proceeds Account blank in the Asset Account window when entering a new asset, the system will automatically enter the Proceeds account that was entered under the Default Accounts expansion window.

In this situation, since these assets were entered and saved before the Require Account box was marked, you will need to go into (Cards | Fixed Assets | General) select the asset, choose the Account option at the bottom of this Asset General Information window, and hit Save in the Asset Account window. This will need to be performed for every asset that was entered before the Require Account box was marked.

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