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What benefits do partners have?

In Partner Center you have access to a wide range of different benefits, as part of the active enrollment offer you have in your account – MAPS, Silver and/or Gold. These benefits range from cloud products to marketing tools to help you begin, build, and grow your Microsoft practice in the cloud-first, mobile-first world.

Once you have acquired a subscription, in your Benefits tab, in your Partner Center dashboard, you can review, activate, sort or download the benefits of interest belonging to one of the categories available to you, by clicking on either of the following tabs, if you are an user with Global Admin or an MPN Partner Admin role; find also activation and downloads instructions for each of the following categories in their respective article, as well as troubleshooting steps available:

If you are unsure on where to find your MPN benefits in your Partner Center dashboard, please follow the guidance outlined here.

If you are looking for what benefits are offered to you through MAPS, Silver and/ or Gold Competencies, you can find them here:

Where to find the Product Usage Guide for benefits

You can download a copy of your Product Usage Guide at any time from the benefits tab in Partner Center, by clicking on the Terms and Conditions hyperlink.


How benefits are accounted for

Partner Membership Center

Partner Center

Accrued per location and administered per location.

Benefits are per entire company including benefits administration; however, you can manage the benefits in the way that best suits your company.

Could have Additional Benefits tool kits (ABTKs) until they were retired in October 2018.

No ABTKs; one MAPs per company; one silver competency per company; one gold competency per company.

Benefits were accessed at Partner Digital Download (PDD).

All benefits are accessed in Partner Center.

Competencies and benefits spread and divided across multiple locations.

Your competencies and benefits from all your locations are consolidated at the company (PGA) level and will be retained until your anniversary date. At that time, you will need to purchase or renew at the company level. Performance and skills, as well as competencies, are aggregated globally.

Software Assurance voucher claims are made in the Voucher Validation and Redemption (VVR) tool.

You can now access and manage Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV) and/or Deployed Planning Services (DPS) within Partner Center. The legacy VVR tool will be decommissioned on October 1, 2019.


Visual Studio benefits and MSA

Partner Membership Center

Partner Center

Allocation of Visual Studio benefits to MSA.

Visual Studio benefits allocated to MSAs will be honored and retained.

In Partner Center, a partner can add work accounts and guest user accounts which are MSA from the same tenant where the partner is MPN admin in the Azure AD tenant. If the partner is a global admin in multiple Azure AD tenants and all these tenants are associated to the same Partner Center account, then the partner is allowed to add users across all these tenants into the Visual Studio benefits and Azure usage-based allocations. Although guest users can be assigned usage-based subscriptions of Visual Studio by the MPN admin or global admin, guest users can't sign in to Partner Center using their MSA. Guest users can, however, sign in to Azure and Visual Studio to validate and use their assigned benefits.


Recommended Security settings for Product Download

In order to ensure that there are no issues due to your browser settings, we recommend that you use the following recommended settings:

Internet Explorer

1) Please Add “” and “” as trusted sites

2) Security level should be set to Medium-high

3) Turn off "Enable Protected Mode".

Note: If there is an Access denied issue that persists even after all above steps are done, then click “Reset all zones to default level” as a first step and retry.

Internet Options


Mozilla Firefox

Enable Cross Origin Cookies in Mozilla as per below screenshot.


Note: To access, view and manage MPN Benefits, Guest users need to have Global Admin/MPN Partner Admin roles. Please find below the experience in Partner Center for a Guest user with no admin privileges on the tenant.


Contact Microsoft Partner Support

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