BITS jobs are failing

If the client is properly configured to receive updates, BITS is configured correctly, and BITS appears to start and run properly, you may be experiencing an issue where BITS jobs themselves are failing. To verify this, look in the event log for any BITS related errors. You can use the following table to diagnose the cause of these errors. 

 Error name

Error code




An incorrect proxy server name was specified in the user’s Internet Explorer proxy settings. This error is also seen when credentials are supplied for authentication schemes that are not NTLM/Negotiate, but the user name or password is null. Change the user’s IE settings to be a valid proxy server or Change the credentials not to be NULL user name/password for schemes other than NTLM/Negotiate.



The server/proxy could not be resolved by BITS. Internet Explorer on the same machine in the context of the job owner would see the same problem. Try downloading the same file via the web browser using the context of the job owner.



This is a transient error and the job will continue downloading.



BITS uses range headers in HTTP requests to request parts of a file. If the server or proxy server doesn’t understand Range requests and returns the full file instead of the requested range, BITS puts the job into the ERROR state with this error. Capture the network traffic during the error and examine if HTTP GET requests with “Range” header are getting valid responses. Check proxy servers to ensure that they are configured correctly to support Range requests.



When BITS sends a HEAD request and the server/proxy does not return Content-Length header in the response, BITS puts the job in ERROR state with this error. Check the proxy server and WSUS server to ensure that they are configured correctly. Some versions of the Apache 2.0 proxy server are known to exhibit this behavior.



When the server returns HTTP 403 response in any of the requests, BITS puts the job in ERROR state with this error code. HTTP 403 corresponds to “Forbidden: Access is denied." Check access permissions for the account running the job.



The SENS service is not receiving user logon notifications. BITS (version 2.0 and up) depends on logon notifications from Service Control Manager, which in turn depends on the SENS service. Ensure that the SENS service is started and running correctly.

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