Collection notes are not displayed in full on reports in Collections Management using Microsoft Dynamics GP

Notes are not displayed in full on reports in Collections Management such as the Collection Management Task List in Microsoft Dynamics GP. The notes are cut off. 


The notes are being pulled from the Collections - Notes (CN00100) table where the NOTE_DISPLAY_STRING field truncates the note at 71 characters. The full note is stored in the Collections - Notes Text (CN00300) table in the TXTFIELD field. Reports should be modified in Report Writer to pull the full note from the TXTFIELD field in the CN00300 table in order to see the full collection note on the report. 


To resolve the issue, the Collections - Notes Text (CN00300) table will need to be added to the report in Report Writer. Then the TXTFIELD field from this table can be dragged on to the report to display the full note. Security access must then be assigned to the user for the modified report. The steps to do this are:

1. Print the report in GP to the screen. For example, print the Collections Task List to the screen. To do this, click on Transactions point to Sales and click on Collection Tasks. Then click the printer icon in the upper right corner. The Report Destination window will open. Mark Screen and click OK.

2. The Collections Task List report will print to the screen. Click Modify to open the report layout in Report Writer.

3. In the H1- Note (yellow) section of the report layout, the field "Note Display String" is listed. Click on this cell to select it and click the Delete key to remove it from the report. Exit out of the Report Layout window and when prompted, click Save to save the changes.

4. In the Report Definition Window, click on the Tables Button.

5. In the Report Tables Relationships window, click on 01. Collection Notes and then click New.

6. In the Related Tables window, click to select Collections - Notes Text and click Open. Click OK to close the Table Definition window.

7. Click OK again to close the Related Tables window and click Close to close the Report Table Relationships window.

8. In the Report Definition window, click on the Layout button.

9. Move the Report Layout window to the right so you can access the Toolbox window behind it.

10. In the Tool box, click the table drop-down list and select the Collections - Notes Text table that was added.

11. Drag the Text Field over to the H1 section of the report layout in the space where you deleted the old notes field. The new field should now be titled Text Field.

Note: You can drag the H1 section to be larger, and then drag the Text Field to be larger as well so it will display more characters. (You can modify this field more later if it needs to be even larger.)

12. Exit out of all the windows in Report Writer, and click to Save any changes if prompted.

13. In Report Writer, click on File and click Microsoft Dynamics GP to get back to GP.

14.  Grant security to the users for this new modified report:

a. Click on Microsoft Dynamics GP, point to Tools, point to Setup, point to System and click on Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports.

b. Select the Report ID (such as Defaultuser) that should be granted access to the new report.

c. Product:  Collections Management

d. Type:  Reports

e. Click the + to expand Sales.

f. Click the + next to the Collections Task List.

g. Mark the Modified version.

h. Click Save.


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