Consolidate National Account Activity in CM Build Query

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Issue Summary:

Consolidate National Account Activity in CM Build Query

Issue Detail:

1. Create three customers, Test, Test1 & Test2, all in the class called TEST
2. Test is the Parent of Test1 & Test2 - use the National Accounts window to set this up.
3. Create some transactions on each of the customers so that there is some data to query against in Collections Management.
4. In the collections build query window, create a new query
5. The restriction on this query should be 'Class ID' = 'TEST', such that it would only pull those three customers
6. Run the query
7. Notice that the results are correct in the pop-up dialog box, and that when the collections main window appears, all of the customers are available in that window for reference.
8. Go back and modify the query - place a check in the box that says 'consolidate national account activity'
9. Run the query again
10. Notice that the pop-up has the right dollar amounts in it.
11. Once the collections main window appears, do a lookup on the customer ID.
12. Notice that the only customer ID in the list is 'TEST', the parent customer. This would be good, except that all of the information for TEST is ONLY for TEST, not for the consolidation of TEST, TEST1 and TEST2.

Expected Results:
In the Collections Main window, after a Consolidated Query has been ran, the Period Amounts, Notes/Comments (in the scrolling window), total due etc. would reflect the consolidated customer, not just the individual parent.

Status of Resolution:

This problem report is scheduled for a service pack. Corrected with Release 7.5 Service Pack 2

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Dynamics GP 7.5

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