There was a recent issue with Power Automate that temporarily rendered custom connectors that have not been used in more than 30 days inaccessible.  In addition, a very small number of custom connectors that were in use more recently were also inaccessible. Microsoft is working on restoring access to these custom connectors. Read below to understand the potential impact if your flow is using a custom connector.

Errors in Power Automate due to missing custom connector

Run history errors for automated flows

If you have an automated flow that invokes a custom connector, the runs may start failing. You will see this failure in your run history, with status showing failed.

Image showing power automate run history with a failed run

When you click on the details, the action that invoked the custom connector will show an error with code similar to this:

{"code":"ApiDisabled", "message": "API has been disabled due to inactivity. Please update the Custom Connector to enable it again."}


Image showing the detailed error pane for a failed flow run where custom connector was disabled

The action results card in the flow will have an error with status code 410.

Image showing the error in the action card indicating that the custom connector is disabled


Manual flows

When you run a manually triggered flow that uses a custom connector, you might see this error "Could not find API {apiname}"

Image showing error that would display when manual flow is triggered and fails


Errors in flow action card in designer

When you edit the impacted flow, any flow action that uses a custom connector will show an error in the designer, the error reading "Could not find api 'shared_xxxx'

Image with Flow action card showing missing shared api

Custom Connectors page

Your custom connector will be missing in the Custom Connectors page link from Power Automate.



  1. Restore the Custom Connector yourself.

    • Recreate the Custom Connector from the custom connector page.

    • Edit the flows that are impacted and update teh actions to to the new connection to the new Custom connector.

  2. Wait for Microsoft make the connectors accessible again

    • Microsoft will restore all inaccessible connectors by 8/7/2020.

    • The Custom Connector will be in a disabled state.

    • Update the Custom connector to re-enable it

    • Note: you will have to recreate the connections for these connectors again similar to option 1 above.

Please note: Once the connectors have been restored through steps 1 or 2 above, you have to edit the flow and update the actions to use a new connection to the Custom Connector.

Other notes

  1. Please make sure that your custom connector is in use on an ongoing basis.  Any connectors that have not been used for a long time (> 30 days) will be disabled to protect the service.

  2. Should your Custom Connector become disabled, please update your Custom Connector to enable it again.

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