Data In and Data Out tabs in Data-Streamer

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Data In 

The Data In tab is where you can find data entered into the workbook. The data is displayed in a data table that can be 1+ rows by 1+ columns in size. The size and other parameters can be set in the Settings tab. There are two tables on the Data In tab.   

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Current Data 

The Current Data row always represents the most recent set of data points. Link to this table when you need a single data point. 

Historical Data  

The Historical Data table represents a series of data points. The data flows in two directions:   

  • Newest First – The top row shows the most recent set of data points. From there, data flows down the table.

  • Newest Last – The bottom row shows the most recent set of data points. From there, data flows up the table.

Data Out 

The Data Out tab is where data is sent back to the microcontroller board. This data can represent program control variables, numbers, or text. Common uses of the Data Out tab are to reset a program, set the number of a variable, and more. New data will be sent only if there is a change in the highlighted data table.   

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