Dynamics AX Security Access to the Reuse Payment Status option for an AP Payment Journal


When you are attempting to use the Reuse option from the Payment Status button in an AP Payment Journal, but the option is unavailable.  


A possible cause is due to the security settings established for the Reuse option.


To resolve the issue you must grant access to the Miscellaneous Security Key for the user group associated with the user. To do this follow the steps below:

1. Select the Administration Module.

2. Select Setup, then select User Groups.

3. Once you are in the User Group form highlight the user group the user is a part of then select the Permissions button.

4. Select the correct domain when you are on the User Group Permissions form and then select the Permissions tab.

5. On the Permissions form you will need to navigate to Bank > Miscellaneous and grant this node Edit access. 

More Information

To activate the Allow Check Reuse parameter follow the step below:

1. Select the Bank Module.

2. Select Setup and then select Parameters.

3. On the General tab you will need to mark the Allow Check Reuse checkbox.  

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