You receive the warning message "Project Accounting information for this vendor does not exist. Do you want to add the vendor's project information?" when you select a vendor record in either the Purchase Order Entry or Receivings Transaction Entry window.


This error will occur when all the following are true:

* You have Project Accounting installed.

* The vendor you have selected has not been set up for use with Project Accounting.

Note The error will occur even if you do not have access to the alternate security windows for Project Accounting because at the time the vendor header is entered we do not know if the document will be Project related or not. Due to this we have to verify whether it is a vendor associated with Project Accounting or not at the time the vendor is selected.


When the warning message appears, click No if you do not want this vendor added to your Project Accounting Vendor Master table.  This warning will then appear every time you select that vendor for as long as you have Project Accounting code installed.  If you do not want Project Accounting installed, then it can be uninstalled by using Add/Remove Programs.

If you want to continue to having Project Accounting installed, to prevent the warning message a one time population of the Project Accounting Vendor Master table needs to occur. To do that complete these steps:

1. Log on to Microsoft Dynamics GP with a user who has access to the alternate Project Accounting window for the Vendor Maintenance window. 

Note If there is no one with this security, follow the steps related to Vendor Maintenance found in KB article #946301 titled "The Project button is missing from the Employee Maintenance window, the Vendor Maintenance window, and the Customer Maintenance window in Microsoft Dynamics GP."

2. On the Cards menu, point to Purchasing, and then click Vendor.

3. In the Vendor ID field enter the vendor you received the error on.

4. Click the Project button to open the PA Vendor Options window.

5. Click OK to close the window.

6. Click Save to save the record to the Project Accounting Vendor Master (PA00901) table.

After these steps are performed the message will no longer appear for that vendor.  We recommend using these steps for all vendors you will be creating purchase orders or entering receivings transactions against.

Note When you create a new vendor, you will want to access the PA Vendor Options window so that the record is added to the table and the error is avoided.


Internal Support notes:

This was written up as bug #25550. That bug has been closed as it would take a whole re-write of our alternate security windows to accomplish a 'fix' and that risk is not worth it. Instead we need to be positioning this to customers as a one time thing they need to do when they set up and something in their process that needs to change going forward.  If adding all of the vendors to the table causes a "hardship" we can provide the SQL script (used to just be a macro so you could suggest that as well) to populate all of these for free.

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