When you're processing a Service Level Agreement (SLA) workflow, the following error is logged in the Operations Manager log:

Log Name: Operations Manager
Source: SMCMDB Subscription Data Source Module
Event ID: 33601
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: ComputerName

The database subscription configuration is not valid.
The following errors were encountered:
Exception message: Subscription configuration error. Error reading TargetType element. Error message: Invalid TargetType attribute specified. Target type id 9bc85fd0-934c-bfdb-9643-63779a0f3742 must be either abstract or first non abstract base type.

One or more subscriptions were affected by this.

Subscription name: WorkflowSubscription_9d183789_7944_49f2_b5fe_2d8f77ad6ddc
Instance name: SLA Workflow Target: DisplayName
Instance ID: {69CBC824-AA85-B123-58C3-A46F97E54BF7}
Management group: ManagementGroup


This issue may occur when the Service Level Objective (SLO) has been configured to use a derived class. For example, assume that you create a new class that's based on the Service Request class and that's named SRNewClass. When you create a Service Level Objective, and then you select SRNewClass from the "Class" section on the General tab in the wizard, event ID 33601 is returned during the workflow process.


When you create or configure the SLO, select the base class from which the new class is derived (for example, Service Request). In the "Queues" section of the Create Service Level Objective Wizard, select a specific queue where you want to route these custom class service requests.

More Information

For testing purposes, create a new service request by using the SRNewClass class, and then assign it to the queue that's specified in the SLO. The service level will be applied to this request because at its base, it is a service request. By using the queue and the Service Request Base class in the Service Level Objective, you allow the service level to be applied to any service request that's assigned to the specified queue.

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