Example of Banked Overtime Paycode in Canadian Payroll

1. Here is how I have the BOT ‘banked pay code’ setup using a Paycode Applied by Units method. I also have the REG hourly income pay code attached.

2. Here is the employee ‘test2’ that I created to test with:

3. When I click the Control button on the Employee Maintenance window and I set the following:

4. Click the Paycodes tab and you will see below how I have the paycodes (REG, OT, and BOT) mapped to the employee:

5. Here are screenprints of each of these paycodes:

Hourly:  REG

Overtime code: OT

Banked Overtime: BOT

6. Now I created a batch called  13:  Make sure the batch type and pay periods per year match the employee.

7. Go into the Payroll Quick Entry – Canada window and key a 9 hour transaction for one day at a rate of 25.00 using the REG hourly income pay code.

8. Then go to Payroll Generate Overtime – Canada window and Generate Overtime for the batch:

9. Next go to the Payroll Calculate Batch – Canada window and Calculate the Payroll Batch:

10. Then go to Reports | Payroll-Canada | Transactions | Calculation Reports and click the Detail Advice Slips button and print to screen: (NOTE: The BOT banked overtime code has a 1.00 unit record at 37.50, so all of the overtime is banked)

11. Next go to Payroll Generate Cheques – Canada and click on Generate Cheques:

12. Then go to Payroll Create Poster – Canada and click to Create  Poster File:

13. Then go to Payroll Update Masters – Canada and Send Poster To G/L and Update Masters with Current Payroll Data.

14. Next, go to Cards | Payroll-Canada | Employee, pull up my TEST2 Employee ID, and then click the Banked button. In the Payroll Banked Display window, I will select ‘Overtime’ as the Banked Pay method. You should see the 1.00 unit entry against the BOT banked paycode:

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