Bernard MT Condensed is a friendly, bold, very condensed typeface that manages to be both attention-getting and inviting at the same time. It has an almost ludicrously large x-height (the height of the body of a lowercase letter) and short, stubby ascenders and descenders (the parts of letters like ‘d’ and ‘p’ that extend above or below the body of a lowercase letter), so it can be set compactly in multiple lines on a poster or in an advertisement. Although it dates from the early 20th century, it retains a bit of the organic feel of the letterforms of the Art Nouveau movement, while still sitting solidly on the page.

Bernard Condensed was issued in metal by Monotype in 1926. It is based on earlier typeface designs by Lucian Bernhard, although Monotype saw fit to drop the ‘h’ from his name, presumably to make it sound more English. Its chunky serifs and rounded strokes have been described as giving it “a pleasant period charm.”

This is a one-off typeface, with no other widths, weights, or styles.

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