Copperplate Gothic is a typeface with capital letters only. It has traditionally been used in business cards, letterheads, and other kinds of simple, functional business information. It is easy to read at small sizes, but it is not meant to be used in paragraphs of body text.

The “lowercase” letters are actually capitals that are slightly smaller than the full-size caps, carefully crafted to have the same visual weight. When you type with Caps Lock on, you get all caps; when you type normally, you get the slightly smaller “small caps.”

The typeface has two weights, light and regular, and no italic style. The letters are wide, and its strokes have an even thickness. There are very tiny serifs on the ends of the strokes, giving a slight sparkle to the otherwise sober typeface.

Copperplate Gothic was designed by the prolific American type designer Frederic Goudy in 1901 for American Type Founders (ATF).

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