Eras is a sans serif typeface with an unusual style. It has big, open-looking letters that are spaced closely together, and they lean slightly forward, giving Eras a dynamic feel. It has no italic, being already slightly slanted, but four weights, from Light to Bold, which can be used for variation and to contrast different visual elements on the page. Eras is best used in titles, headlines, and labels, and in short pieces of large text. It works well set all in capital letters.

Eras was designed in 1976 by French type designers Albert Boton and Albert Hollenstein for the International Typeface Corporation (ITC). It was originally designed for photographic typesetting techniques, then later turned into a computer typeface in the 1990s. Eras reflects the popular style of big, tightly spaced letters in 1970s advertising and promotion. It was inspired by ancient Greek stone-cut letters and by Roman capitals, but it has its own thoroughly modern style.

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