Cambria is a text typeface with serifs designed for reading long documents onscreen or in print. The proportions of the letters are even and the spacing between letters is open, giving the typeface an even texture in paragraphs of text. There is very little contrast between thick and thin strokes in the horizontal direction, but a bit more in the vertical direction. Cambria’s serifs are short and stubby. The italic is subdued and plays a secondary role to the upright style.

Type designer Jelle Bosma designed Cambria to be a potential replacement for Times New Roman. The two typefaces don’t look much alike, but they serve the same function as a workhorse typeface suitable for use in text almost anywhere. Cambria was designed in 2004 as part of the Microsoft ClearType font collection, to make reading onscreen easier and more comfortable. Cambria also has an extensive set of mathematical characters and symbols, making it one of the best typefaces for typesetting math.

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