Sound effects can enhance your productivity in Microsoft Office by providing audio cues. For example, a sound cue might notify you when options on the screen change. Or, a sound can confirm that an action (such as send a mail, delete something, or paste content) actually completed.

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Turn sound effects on or off

Important: When you select or clear the Provide feedback with sound check box, the setting affects all Microsoft Office programs that support this option. Note that error dialog sounds are generated by the system and must be changed through Windows Settings.

  1. In the File menu, select Options.

  2. On the Ease of Access tab, under Feedback Options, select or clear the Provide feedback with sound checkbox.

  3. If you wish, you can use the original Office sound effects by selecting the Classic theme from the Sound Theme drop-down.

Turn sound effects on or off with the keyboard

  1. Navigate to the File menu, then press Alt, F, T to select Options.

  2. In the Options window, use the arrow keys to highlight Ease of Access.

  3. Press Tab to move to the Provide feedback with sound checkbox, then press Enter to select or clear the checkbox.

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