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This article describes how to copy setup tables from one company to another company in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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The following list contains the setup tables that can be copied to a new company database.

Note After the tables have been copied to the new company, run the Check Links function on all modules in the new company. To run the Check Links function, follow the steps for your version of the program:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and higher versions:

    On the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, point to Maintenance, and then click Check Links.


GL00100 Chart of Accounts (Account Master)
Note Do not copy the GL00101.

GL00102 Account Category Master

GL00103 Fixed Allocation Master

GL00104 Variable Allocation Master

GL00105 Account Index Master

CM00100 CM Checkbook Master

CM40100 Cash Management Setup

CM40101 Cash Management Transaction Type Setup

GL00200 Budget Master file

GL00201 Budget Summary Master file

GL40000 General Ledger Setup

GL40100 Quick Journal Setup

GL40101 Quick Journal Account Setup

GL40200 Segment Description Master

SY04100 Bank Master

MC40000 Multicurrency Setup

MC40100 Multicurrency Rate Type Setup

ASI*.* Advanced Lookup Files



PM00100 PM Class Master File

PM00101 Vendor Class Accounts

PM00200 PM Vendor Master File

PM00203 Vendor Accounts

PM00300 PM Address Master

PM40100 PM Setup File

PM40101 PM Period Setup File

PM40102 Payables Document Types

PM40103 Payables Distribution Type SETP

POP00101 Buyer Master

POP40100 Purchasing Setup Table

POP40600 Purchasing Non-IV Item Currency Setup

ASI*.* Advanced Lookup Files



IVC40100 Invoicing Setup

IVC40101 Invoicing Document Setup

RM00101 Customer Master

RM00102 Customer Master Address File

RM00105 National Accounts Master

RM00201 RM Class Master

RM00301 RM Salesperson Master files

RM00303 Sales Territory Master File

RM40101 RM Module Setup File

RM40201 RM Period Setup

RM40401 Document Type Setup File

SOP00100 Sales Process Holds Master

SOP00200 Sales Prospect Master

SOP40100 Sales Setup

SOP40200 Sales Type ID setup

SOP40201 Sales Default Process Holds Setup

SOP40300 Sales Document Setup

SOP40400 Sales User Defined Table Setup

SOP40500 Sales Master Number Setup

SOP40600 Sales Non-IV Item Currency Setup

ASI*.* Advanced Lookup Files



BM00101 Bill of Materials Header

BM00111 Bill of Materials Component

BM40100 Bill of Materials Setup

IV00101 Item Master

IV00102 Item Quantity Master

IV00103 Item Vendor Master

IV00104 Item Kit Master

IV00105 Item Currency Master

IV00106 Item Purchasing

IV00107 Item Price List Options

IV00108 Item Price List

IV00109 Item Serial Number Mask

IV40100 Inventory Control Setup

IV40201 Inventory U of M Schedule Setup

IV40202 Inventory U of M Schedule Detail Setup

IV40400 Item Class Setup

IV40401 Item Class Currency Setup

IV40500 Item Lot Category Setup

IV40600 Item Category Setup

IV40700 Site Setup

IV40800 Price Level Setup

IV40900 Price Group Master

IV41000 Stock Calendar

IV41001 Stock Calendar Exception Days

ASI*.* Advanced Lookup Files



SY00300 Account Format Setup

SY01100 Posting Account Master

SY02200 Posting Journal Destinations

SY02300 Posting Settings

SY03000 Shipping Methods Master

SY03100 Credit Card Master

SY03300 Payment Terms Master

SY40100 Fiscal Period Setup

SY40101 Fiscal Period Header

TX00101 Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master

TX00102 Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Master

TX00201 Sales/Purchases Tax Master

STN*.* Named Printers Setup

ASI*.* Dynamics Explorer Files


U.S. Payroll
When you copy payroll setup information from one company to another company, the following setup tables are used:

UPR40100 Payroll Unemployment Setup

UPR40101 Payroll Unemployment TSA

UPR40200 Payroll Setup

UPR40301 Payroll Position Setup

UPR40500 Payroll Accounts Setup

UPR40501 Payroll Tax Expense/Withholding Setup

UPR40600 Payroll Pay Code Setup

UPR40700 Payroll Workers Comp Setup

UPR40800 Payroll Benefit Setup

UPR40801 Payroll Benefit Based On Setup

UPR40900 Payroll Deduction Setup

UPR40901 Payroll Deduction Based On Setup

UPR40902 Payroll Deduction Sequence Setup

UPR41100 Payroll State Code Setup

UPR41200 Payroll Class Setup

UPR41201 Payroll Class Detail Setup

UPR41400 Payroll Local Tax Setup

UPR41401 Payroll Local Tax Table Setup

UPR41500 Payroll Shift Code Setup

UPR41700 Payroll Setup Supervisor

UPR41800 Payroll Maximum Deduction Setup (only in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0)

UPR41801 Payroll State/Fed Setup (only in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0)

UPR41900 Payroll Earnings Setup (only in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0)

UPR41901 Payroll Earnings Paycodes (only in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0)

UPR41902 Payroll Earnings Deductions (only in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0)

Note If you copy the UPR40500 file, the posting accounts will be identical to those of the company that you are copying.

Payroll Extensions (deduction in arrears, payables integration to payroll, overtime rate manager)










Advanced Payroll












Canadian Payroll

CPY10010 CDN Payroll Employer Master

CPY10020 CDN Payroll Department Master

CPY10030 CDN Payroll Employee Job Titles

CPY10050 CDN Payroll Employee Class

CPY10051 CDN Payroll Class Attached Pay codes File

CPY10060 CDN Payroll Pay code Master

CPY10061 CDN Payroll Pay code Attached Pay codes

CPY10062 CDN Payroll Income Attached Pay Codes

CPY10063 CDN Payroll Rate Table Codes

CPY10064 CDN Payroll Rate Tables

CPY10070 CDN Payroll WCB Master

CPY10075 CDN Payroll WCB Administration

CPY10080 CDN Payroll User Paid By

CPY10081 CDN Payroll User Drop Down Strings

CPY10082 CDN Payroll Reporting Codes

CPY10170 CDN Payroll Employee Unions

CPY10171 CDN Payroll UnionAttached Pay codes

CPY20200 CDN Payroll Job Master

CPY20201 CDN Payroll Phase Master

CPY20700 P_Security_Group_MSTR

CPY20705 P_Security_Group_Detail

CPY20710 P_Security_User_MSTR

Note If the following information is the same, you can also copy these files:
CPY20100 CDN Payroll Control Master

CPY20110 CDN Payroll CSB Setup Information

CPY20111 CDN Payroll CSB Pay codes


Human Resource

BE020230 HR_Benefit_SETP

BE021030 BEN2_FMLA_Line


HR2Ben21 HR_Benefit_Tiers_SETP

HR2Ben11 HR_Benefit_Fund

HR2Ben12 HR_Benefit_MDVE_Table

HR2Ben13 HR_Benefit_Life_Premiums

HR2Ben14 HR_Venefit_MDVE_Types

HR2Div02 HR_Division2

HR2Tra01 HR_Train_Course

HR2Tra03 HR_Train_Class

HRCom022 HR_Company2_extra

HRDep022 HR_Department2_Extra

HRDiv022 HR_Division2_Extra

HRPBen05 HRP_BEN_FMLA_Set12Month

HRPro022 HR_Property

HRPppc01 HRP_Position_Pay_Code

HRsax012 HR_Salary_Matrix

HRsax022 HR_Salary_Matrix_Table

HRsax042 HR_Salary_Matrix_Col

HRsax032 HR Salary Matrix rows

HRtra042 HR_Train_Class_Skills

HRtrpc02 HR_Train_Position_Course_Class

HRtrps01 HR_Train_Position_Course

RV010221 HR_Review_LINE_V2

RV020221 HR_Review_Setup_LINE_V2

RV030221 HR_Review_Words_Setup_LINE

SK010230 HR_Skills_Line

TAAC0130 TA_SETP_Accrual_Type

TAPY0130 TA_Payroll_Link
Note The TAPY0130 TA_Payroll_Link table was removed in Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 and in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0.

TAST0130 TA_Setup

TAST0230 TA_Attendance_reason

TAST0330 TA_Attendance_Types

TAST0532 TA_Pay_Period_accrual_LINE

TATM0130 TA_SETP_Types


Advanced Human Resource








































PTO Manager






Analytical Accounting

AAG00400 aaTrxDimMstr (dimensions)

AAG00401 aaTrxDimCodeSetp (codes)

AAG00402 aaTrxDimCodeNumSetp

AAG00403 aaTrxDimCodeBoolSetp

AAG00404 aaTrxDimCodeDateSetp

AAG00405 aaTrxDimRelation

AAG00406 aaTrxDimCodeRelation

AAG00407 AA Trx Dim Adjustment Option

AAG00500 aaDateSetup
AAG00600 aaTreeMstr

AAG00601 aaTreeNodeMstr

AAG00602 aaTreeNodeLink

AAG00603 aaTreeNodeUserWork

AAG00605 aaTreeMstrDupe

AAG00700 aaOptionSetp

AAG00200 aaAccountMstr

AAG00201 aaAccountClassMstr

AAG00202 aaAccountClassDim

AAG00900 AA Budget Tree Master

AAG00901 AA Budget Tree Trx Dim Master

AAG00902 AA Budget Tree Trx Dim Code Master

AAG00903 AA Budget Master

AAG00904 AA Budget Tree Balance

AAG00905 AA Budget Tree Account Balance

AAG00906 AA Budget Tree View Work

AAG01000 AA UDF Setup option

AAG01001 AA UDF Trx Dim Setup

AAG01002 AA Trx Dim CodeUDF Maintenance

Note If you are copying Analytical Accounting (AA) setup tables from company A that has AA activated to company B that does not yet have AA activated, you must first install and activate AA in company B. After AA is activated in company B, copy these AA setup tables from company A. Then, use the script in Method 1 in Knowledge Base (KB) article 897280 to update the next available values that are stored in table AAG00102 in the Dynamics database for the AA setup tables. This script will prevent you from receiving error messages of primary key issues.

For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

897280 Error message when you try to post Analytical Accounting transactions in Microsoft Dynamics GP: "Cannot insert duplicate key in object"

How to make a backup

To make a Full/Complete database backup in SQL Server, follow these steps:

  1. In the Connect to Server window, open SQL Server Management Studio. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. In the Server name box, type the name of the server that is running SQL Server.

    2. In the Authentication box, click SQL Authentication.

    3. In the Login box, type sa.

    4. In the Password box, type the password for the sa user, and then click Connect.

  2. Expand the instance of SQL Server.

  3. Expand the Databases folder.

  4. Right-click the DYNAMICS database, point to Tasks, and then click Back Up....

  5. In the Back Up Database – DYNAMICS window, verify that Full is selected in Backup Type.

  6. Accept the default Destination, or click Add, and then click File Name.  Click the ellipsis button to browse to the location where you want to store the database backup.

  7. Type a name for the backup in the Filename field, and then click OK. For example, type Dynamics.bak in the Filename field.

  8. Click OK to exit the Destination window.

  9. Click on the MEDIA OPTIONS tab and mark 'Overwrite all existing backup sets' (if you wish to overwrite the prior backup, instead of append). 

  10. Click on the GENERAL tab again.  Review and click OK to start the database backup.

    You should receive the following message when the backup process is complete:

    The backup of database 'DYNAMICS' completed successfully.

  11. Repeat steps 1 through 10 for each company database.

Additional tables in Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains 8.0

The following tables were added in Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains 8.0:


SOP00300 Sales Customer Item Substitute (Inventory Setup would need to be copied)

SOP10111 Sales Picking Instruction Master

SOP40101 Sales Workflow Setup



IV00113 Item Price List Details

IV00114 Inactive Items

IV00115 Multiple Manufacture Items Master

The following table was added in Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0:

IV00117 Item Site Bin Priorities

Note The following three tools are also available:

  • The General Ledger Master Records Trigger tool

  • The Receivables Management Master Records Trigger tool

  • The Payables Management Master Records Trigger tool

These tools will let you add an account, a vendor, or a customer in a master database and then make the change to one database or to all databases. Each tool is sold separately or can be purchased in a bundle of the three tools. For more information, contact Global Support.



For more information about how to transfer setup information between company databases by using Microsoft SQL and DTS, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

874208 How to transfer setup information between company databases by using SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2000

For more information about how to copy Fixed Assets setup files from an existing company to a new company in Great Plains, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

852719 Fixed Assets setup files to copy from an existing company to a new company in Microsoft Dynamics GP

For more information about how to start over with only Project Setup Information in Great Plains, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

869556 Starting over with just Project Setup Information

If you use Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000), use the Automated Solution to automatically copy setup files from one company to another company. For more information about Automated Solutions, visit the following Microsoft Web site:


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