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You can achieve chroma keying (i.e. take a video that contains a green screen and fill the green parts with a different video or image) by using the green screen option in the filters sidebar menu. Read on to learn more about how to add a green screen effect to your video.

How to add a Green Screen effect 

Green screen, also known as chroma key, is a special effects technique that lets you remove a chosen color from video clips and relate it with another video or image. Clipchamp lets you remove green, red, or blue colors.

NOTE: For this tutorial, we will be using stock video from Clipchamp's extensive video stock library.

Step 1. Add a green screen video onto the timeline

Click on the stock video tab on the left sidebar. Scroll down to the green screen category and search through our stock footage. You can search keywords like green screen or chroma-key.

Drag and drop a green screen stock video onto the timeline.

Green screen cloud footage in Clipchamp video editor

If you would like to use your own personal footage, add your videos or images by clicking on the import media button. Your videos must contain a green screen element for this feature to work.

An image of importing media into Clipchamp video editor

Step 2. Add another video or image to your timeline

Next, using the same instructions as step 1, upload another media asset or use a stock video or image. Drag and drop your media below your green screen clip on the timeline.

Make sure always to place your green screen video as the top layer. 

An image of adding a video below the green screen footage in Clipchamp

Step 3. Add the green screen filter

Click on the top layer clip on the timeline, so it's highlighted green. The property panel will appear on the right. Click on the filters tab.

An image of Filters tab in Clipchamp.

Click on the green screen filter.

An image of green screen filter working in Clipchamp

Your video will now have the green screen effect. To edit the screen threshold, drag the toggle left and right. This will add or take away the intensity of the filter.

An image of adjusting the green screen threshold

You can also change your green screen color from green to red or blue.

An image of adjusting green screen threshold and screen color in Clipchamp

Try it out

Head over to Clipchamp to try it out for yourself. 


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