How to link or unlink a Microsoft Certification profile ID (MCID) to a Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) account


  • A customer who is part of the Microsoft Certification program, and who holds an active certification(s), must perform specific steps to link or unlink their Microsoft Certification profile ID (MCID) with a Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) organization.

  • The MPN Partner Admin or Global Admin roles are required to review competency status for exams  or to Download skills report to review associated exams in a table. The partner organization meets competency requirements by having individuals with linked MCIDs associated to their organization. An MCID can only be linked to a single MPN membership at a time. You can only purchase a competency offer when all the requirements are met.

How to sign-in to Get Partner University access or Associate Microsoft Learning account (Microsoft Certification)

All users must have a Partner Center account (AAD) associated to their partner organization to associate their Microsoft Certification.

1. Each user of an MPN partner organization should use their MPN partner organization work username and password (work account) to sign into Partner Center.


2. After successfully Signing In with their work account, the user should access the Dashboard.


3. The user navigates to MPN > Overview > My profile.

Partner Center image

In the page that opens, users can associate their Partner University account and/or their Microsoft Learning account by selecting:

a. Get Partner University access (for assessments recognition)

By selecting Get Partner University access, the users will be redirected to a sign in page where they must enter their Partner University credentials.

Get Partner University access

Signin credentials

After entering their credentials, the Partner university account will be associated to the Partner Center user account. Their assessments will reflect in the Partner Center User Skills report within 72hrs. Note that once associated newly passed assessments may take 7-10 days to reflect in the report.

For new assessments or exams, please allow 7-10 days to reflect in Partner Center.

Users can remove the association by clicking the Remove access option.

Remove access

b. Associate Microsoft Learning account (exams and certifications)

1. By selecting the Associate Microsoft Learning account option, users are taken to a page where they must enter the credentials they use to sign into their Microsoft Certification profile (MCID).

Associate learning account

If the user encounters issues while associating their Microsoft Learning account, refer to the FAQ below.

Note: If the Microsoft Learning account credentials are the same as the Partner University account credentials, the users must tick the Use <<email@address>> to associate “my Microsoft Learning account” option .

Verifying that competency requirements have been met

The specific competency Microsoft Certification exam completion and requirements can be quickly checked by any Global Admin or MPN Partner Admin.

1. The Partner admin user selects the Competencies tab in their dashboard. The Partner admin may expand a competency to quickly check progress.


2. Click on the competency name and specific competency option to view details e.g., Distributor option. The green tick indicates the exam requirement has been met for the Silver competency.


3. Scroll down to see the full requirements and links to the specific exams and retired exam validation dates.

If you need details, the skillsreport can be accessed and downloaded by any Global Admin or MPN Partner Admin from Partner Center by following the next steps. This report contains the certification data for the Microsoft Certification users within the Organization. It includes the name of the users who have taken exams, MC ID, type of exam, title, date, competency the exam counts towards.

1. The Partner admin user selects the Competencies tab in their dashboard.

2. In the top right corner, click on Download skills report to obtain a file with all the users in the organization that have their MCIDs associated in PC. Users who are only recognized based on PMC proficiency will need to complete the association of their MCID in PC.

Learn how to read the Skills report here .


The Global Admin and MPN Partner Admin roles receive notification emails when a competency is at risk. This may occur if a user has left the organization and their Microsoft Certification qualifications are not counted anymore towards meeting the competency attainment. To learn more, see KB 4519860 Partner Notification Emails in Partner Center.

1.How can a user link their Microsoft Certification profile ID (MCID) with the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) organization they work for? 

Users should sign in to Partner Center and navigate to “My profile.” Depending upon what they want to do they either click on “Get Partner University account” or “Associate Microsoft Learning account” and enter their credentials. To associate to a Microsoft Learning account the user will need to input the username and password used to sign in to their Microsoft Certification profile (MCID). Due to privacy considerations, users must complete the account linking process themselves.  

2.How can a user unlink their MCID from the MPN organization they work for? 

Users should sign in to Partner Center, navigate to “My Profile“ then select “Remove access.” Due to privacy considerations, the user must complete the account linking process themselves. 

3. The user left Company A and now works for Company B. How can they link their Microsoft Certification profile ID (MCID) with company B? 

The user must link their MCID with the company B by themself by following the outlined above. Once the user links their MCID with company B, they will automatically be unlinked from company A. 

4. The user left Company A and no longer has access to Partner Center. They want to unlink their MCID from company A, and are not planning to link it with another MPN organization at the moment. 

The user’s account must be deleted by the Global Admin after they leave the company. If the user’s MCID still appears as linked to the company in the skill report, the user must inform the Global Admin to remove them from the report. 

5. The Admin provided sign in details for a work email account to a user and they have had no response. 

The Admin should first verify the email address used, and then should contact the user to which the account information was provided. 

6. A user tries to associate their MCP Learning account to their profile in Partner Center and receives a message that their association is limited. 

To protect against abuse, an MCP individual has a limited number of associations allowed each year. Each user can check the date in their profile to see when they can start a new association. If the user has problems associating after that date, they should contact support.

For technical issues linking or unlinking MCIDs with MPN partner organizations that haven’t been covered in the FAQ, or other MPN support questions, raise a support ticket with support directly from the Partner Center account or on the support page.

For questions related to the Microsoft Certification profile (MCID) merge process, please contact Certification Support.

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