The European Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) module is designed to be used with an electronic banking product such as Albany eBank. However, if you do not want to use such an additional product, you can still process Bankers Automated Clearing System (BACS) payment runs by using the European EFT module. This article describes how to process Bankers Automated Clearing System (BACS) payment runs in Great Plains 8.0 when you are not using an electronic banking product.

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To process BACS payment runs, use the EFT Payment Register report as the BACS output file. This report is printed after you post an EFT batch or transaction. You must modify this report in Report Writer to comply with the format that is required by BACS or by your bank software.


  1. Click Tools, click Setup, click
    Posting, and then click Posting.

    The Setup Posting window opens.

  2. Select Purchasing in the Series list, and then select Computer Cheques in the Origin list.

  3. In the scrolling window next to EFT Payment Register in the Send To section, click to select the check box under the folder icon.

    Note We recommend that you do not select the check box under the question mark icon. By not selecting this check box, you can make sure that the BACS file is always generated.

  4. In the Append/Replace list, select Replace.

    When a new register is generated, the previous payment register is replaced.

  5. In the Path section, specify a full path.

  6. To type the creditor bank details, click Cards, click Purchasing, click Creditor, click Remit To Address, and then click Bank.

    The Creditor Bank Maintenance window opens.

  7. Select the bank format from the Bank Format list, and then type the appropriate information in the following boxes:

    • Bank Name

    • Bank Account Number

    • Bank Code

    NoteIf you previously used the United Kingdom Bankers Automated Clearing System (UKBACS) module, migration guidelines for UKBACS creditor bank details exist. For more information, see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

    884523 How to migrate your creditor bank details to the European EFT tables from the UKBACS tables when you upgrade to Great Plains 8.0

  8. Assign bank details to the chequebooks that are used for electronic payments. To do this, click Cards, click Financial, click Chequebook, and then click Bank.

Transaction processing

  1. Click Transactions, click
    Purchasing, and then click Batches.

    The Payables Batch Entry window opens.

  2. In the Payment Method section, click Bank Transfer.

  3. Continue your typical processing of cheques.

    Note Creditors that have active EFT bank details that match the batch’s chequebook EFT bank details are included in the EFT Payment Register report.

  4. Click Process in the Print Payables Cheques window.

  5. If the Report Destination window appears for the EFT Payment Register report, click OK.

    Note You are only prompted if the check box under the question mark icon is selected in the Send To section of the Posting Setup window.

  6. The output file that you submit to BACS is created in the location that is defined in the Posting Setup window.

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