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I am attempting to bill a service fee and an incorrect amount is defaulting into Billing Entry.I have recently updated the amount of the fee in my Fee Schedule from $1500 to $1000.But when I bill, the $1500 is still defaulting in.I have verified that I am using the correct date.What is wrong?


In this case the fee amount had been changed from $1500 to $1000 starting on June 7th.Back on May 31st, the recommended billing amount for the fee was $1500 but this was manually overridden to $1000 by the user.As a result that extra $500 was being carried forward and added to the $1000 that is on the Fee Schedule to create the recommended billing amount of $1500.

To correct, the Fee Schedule was adjusted from $1000 to $500 for the next billing period and $1000 ($500 from previous and $500 from the schedule) was billed.Going forward the correct $1000 was billed each time.

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