This article provides you with the step-by-step guide on how partners can update the country and details for the Legal Entity profile in Partner Center. This change will only impact the registered details of the primary place of business. Microsoft uses these details to validate the enrollment and any changes done might retrigger the verification process.

How to update the country and details reflected in the legal business profile:

1. After successfully Signing In with your work account on the Partner Portal, access your Dashboard.


2. Once in your Partner Center dashboard, click on the View your partner profile hyperlink.


3. Click on the Update hyperlink inline with your Legal business profile.


4. In the next screen you will be able to change the general details of your legal business profile, as well as by clicking the Change your country hyperlink, that will allow you to choose the country that needs to be setup as your primary place of business amongst the locations you have available in your account. 

Note: Make sure that when you change the details for your legal business profile:

  • The zip code matches the indicated address.

  • The telephone number does not include special characters, country code, spaces or is longer than 10 characters.

  • If the Company name is flagged as a duplicate, the name of the company can be tweaked (e.g. from “Contoso” to “Contoso Limited”) to bypass the check.

  • In the State/Province field, for some countries a dropdown menu will appear to choose the state/province, where for other countries, the name will be inserted manually. When inserting the State/Province name manually, no special characters should be used.


5. You will be prompted to choose the country of an existing location of your company’s account, from the drop down menu, that you want to appoint as the primary place of business.


6. In the next dropdown menu, you need to choose the address of the Legal entity location, in the selected country, that you want to appoint as the primary place of business.


7. After choosing the needed Legal entity and Country from the dropdown menu, you will need to confirm your choice by clicking the Submit button.

Please note that the fields reflecting the Address cannot be edited in this screen.


8. After successfully submitting the changes, the new primary place of business will reflect accordingly under your Partner profile.

This feature will not work if there are multiple tenants associated to your account in PC.

NOTE: If the partner does not have the “Submit” option or they encounter any errors when trying to update the country by choosing one of the locations, please check that the location has the details updated as mentioned above. If not, advise the partner they can update the location details first, then re-attempt to change the country at PGA level.

If needed, we can also update details in Prose, following the below steps:

Go to the Locations tab and choose the location you want to update by clicking on the Account Id:

Click on Update next to the Legal Profile:

Identify which information does not follow the requirements and change it, then click on Submit (the option is enabled after making a change):

Example of a change: The telephone number is +1 (234) 1235679846. According to the requirements: The telephone number does not include special characters, country code, spaces or is longer than 10 characters. Therefore the country prefix, brackets, spaces and regional prefix need to be removed so that only the phone number 1235679846 remains.

After the changes are saved the partner should be able to choose the location in order to update the country at PGA level.

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