Learning Enrollment in Partner Center: Learning Action Pack, Silver or Gold Learning Option

Requirement Details for enrollment process as a Learning Partner in Partner Center

Learning Partner Program KPI requirement overview

Success in the Learning Partner Program is measured by performance guidelines (KPIs) designed to reward Learning Partners on their reach of Microsoft training. KPIs are tracked via purchases of qualifying Official Microsoft Learning Products (OMLP), purchased on Courseware Marketplace. Learning Partner Program KPI requirements are subject to change annually.

Enrollment as a Learning partner is available in Partner Center into the Learning Option under Action Pack, Silver or Gold levels.

The process is fully automated in Partner Center and does not require a Business Application as in Partner Membership Center. The learning KPIs must be met in Partner Center starting first year of enrollment.

IMPORTANT announcements:

If you are a new partner interested in attaining a competency under the Learning option, you can learn more here. If your organization has an existing gold or silver competency under the Learning option with a competency anniversary date from July 1 through December 31, 2020, you are eligible for competency extension – check out blog post: responding to COVID-19: Microsoft Partner Network update

On April 1st of this year we announced that as a response to the emerging worldwide pandemic, all digital Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC) on Courseware Marketplace would be reduced to a $0 purchase price for a period of 6 months. After further assessment of the worldwide situation we have decided to extend the $0 purchase price an additional 6 months, ending March 31, 2021. This extension applies to Learning Partners at all levels and requires no further action from your organization. We will continue to monitor market dynamics and will evaluate further courseware options as we near this extended deadline.

Additionally, beginning September 1, 2020 all digital MOC ordered on Courseware Marketplace will have the activation period extended from the current 30 days to a new time period of 90 days from the order date. Courseware ordered prior to this date will remain at the 30 day activation period.

This lengthening of the activation period will provide our Learning Partner organizations with additional flexibility around planning their training engagements. Please note that we are actively monitoring for abnormally high occurrences of orders or courseware expirations without activation. We request that you only order what you need for the time period you will be using it. In the event we detect abuse we may take action up to and including removal of your organization’s access to Courseware Marketplace.

To stay up to date with Learning program announcements be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, read our blog, and check out our Learning Partner Yammer page. Additionally, you can find program documents and monthly community call recordings on our Learning Resources page.

Learning Action Pack Enrollment

Learning Action Pack is the base level entry into the Learning Partner Program. If you are new to the learning line of business and as an organization, have not done any Microsoft Courseware training, Microsoft provides you the opportunity to enroll as a Microsoft Learning Partner by purchasing the Learning Action Pack. Learning Action Pack is designed to support partners looking to provide training services, offers discounts on courseware marketplace and benefits to help partners become experts across various Microsoft product lines.

Non-Learning partners can purchase courseware at full price for internal training only. If you want to deliver the content outside of their organization then you’ll need 1 MCT and will have to sign up for Learning Action Pack. Once you get to the required KPIs you’ll be able to complete the additional requirements and upgrade to Silver / Gold Learning Option if you choose so.

To qualify for Learning Action Pack in Partner Center, you don’t have to meet any learning KPI, however you must have at least 1 MCT.

After you activate your Learning Action Pack benefits by following the steps outlined here, a new account profile must be set up for you to have access to Microsoft Courseware training on Courseware Marketplace. This is a manual process and Frontline team should help you with this request.

Silver Enrollment

Learning Option is an option for Learning partners who want to have the Silver Level of membership. To enroll into the Silver Learning Option, you need to choose one of the competencies offering learning option and meet the Silver Learning Option requirements of that specific competency.

NOTE: The current competencies offering a Learning Option: Application Development, Application Integration, DevOps, Cloud Platform, Datacenter, Data Analytics, Data Platform, Enterprise Mobility Management, Windows and Devices, Cloud Productivity, Collaboration and Content, Communications, Messaging, and Project and Portfolio Management.

Once you acknowledged the requirements for Silver/Gold enrollment as outlined on the Learning Option tab corresponding to one of the available competencies, you can plan on next steps:

To qualify and enroll:

  • Commit to the Performance Requirements outlined in the Learning Program Performance Guidelines available on the Learning Resources site.

  • Meet the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) Requirements

  • Meet the Exam Requirements

- Navigate to the Membership Offers on the menu bar

Follow the steps outlined here to subscribe for Silver or Gold level.

Gold Enrollment

To enroll into the Gold Learning Option, you need to choose the Learning Option corresponding to one of the available competencies and meet the Gold Learning Option requirements of that particular competency.

Only Partners that meet the Learning KPIs and competency’s requirements can renew in Gold Learning Option. If you haven’t met the KPIs or any other requirements, you must enroll in the Learning Action Pack or Silver option depending on the level of requirements met, if you want to become a Learning Partner.

If you are already enrolled in a new competency at the Silver level using the Learning Partner Option requirements and you are ready to attain the gold level, then you must meet the KPIs and other competency requirements for Gold. Once Gold requirements met, you can take advantage of the MPN Offer- upgrade discount from Silver to Gold level.

Learning as a Service (LaaS) Program (currently On Hold)

The Microsoft Learning as a Service (LaaS) program offers to Silver and Gold Learning partners, with a Cloud competency enrolled in the Learning program, the possibility to offer technology training through the Microsoft Open edX Platform on Azure.

The Learning as a Service (LaaS) program applies to only Gold and Silver Learning Option Partners who are managed by PSEs (Partners Sales Executive). In order to be a LaaS partner, partner needs to first enroll as a Silver or Gold Learning Option Partner in one of the competencies, under a Cloud competency. The LaaS provides a possibility to offer learning programs through the Microsoft Open edX Platform on Azure.


A: No. In Partner Center, Business Application Plan is not required anymore for attaining a competency through Learning Option. The Learning KPIs must be met from the first year of enrollment.

A: Yes, the KPIs should be recognized in PC.

A: Please contact Partner Frontline Support and provide the below details in order to track your KPIs. Please note that KPI reports are updated once a month, mid-month. Learning Program renewal eligibility is measured on KPIs attained during the previous twelve months of performance activity based on your anniversary date. For example: starting January 15, 2020 the data is displayed for Period January 2019-December 2019. If your invoice is dated January 2020, the corresponding KPIs will be visible starting February 15, 2019. Order confirmations and partner reports are not accepted. Only actual invoices are accepted.


A: Meeting a KPI does not relate to the duration of the training. Please check the Performance examples from the resourceLearning Partner Enrollment Guide for understanding how KPIS are measured.

A: The migration whitelisting was made for partners belonging to those countries that where whitelisted for the migrations.  The Learning Competency is not available in Partner Center, so, once migrated, Partners will be mapped as being active in the closest Competency that they would have in Partner Center, that has a Learning option path.


A: We need to add you to the LP Directory page and enable a link to your website in the LP directory page. This is a manual process that is submitted only once per month, during the third week, and the update will be visible by the end of first week within next month. Please contact Partner Frontline Support and provide the below details in order to resolve the situation:

  • Name to appear on the directory

  • Country associated

  • Microsoft-themed landing page URL (the partner owned website with a Microsoft landing page. This must be the URL to the Microsoft specific page of “Partner X”and owned by“Partner X” and should contain no competitors)

Additional Resources

Learning Partner Enrollment Guide

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