This article pertains to products purchased from a 3rd party authorized Microsoft retailer. For purchases made direct from Microsoft (Ex: MS Online Store) please call Microsoft General Support 1-800-642-7676, Microsoft Store 1-877-696-7786, Xbox 1-800-469-9269, or visit for further assistance.

You can easily return any Microsoft retail product* to the retailer from which you purchased it, subject to that retailer's return policy.

I. Microsoft North American Retail Product 30-Day Refund Policy

What products are eligible for a refund?

Software and hardware products that you purchased in the United States (excluding its territories), or Canada (collectively “North America”) come with a Microsoft 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, subject to the exclusions listed below. Microsoft will refund your purchase price, subject to policy guidelines and warranty and license agreement provisions.

Note: This article does not apply for other regions than the ones mentioned above.

You can submit a refund request once every 90 days. Please note that multiple items may be included in each request.

How can I return a product for a refund?

If you wish to proceed with a refund request for your purchase, you can submit your request to Make sure to include the following and no personal information beyond what is listed below:

  • Full name

  • Name of the product you wish to return

  • Date of purchase

  • Name and location of the authorized retailer the product was purchased from

  • Your country (US or Canada)

  • brief explanation to help us understand your reason for requesting a refund

  • Alternative email other than a Microsoft account

Your refund request must be submitted within 30 days of the purchase date.

For products exceeding the 30 days purchase policy, please refer to the retailer.

Be sure to use your Microsoft Account email address to send your request. If you do not have a Microsoft Account you can create one here. If you have a preferred contact email address, you can include it in the email.

After your request is submitted, you’ll receive confirmation and follow-up emails that will include instructions on how to further proceed with your request. We’ll send a response to your request within 48 hours. Please note that we might need further copies of specific documents that can only be sent through a secured link.

What products are not eligible for a refund?

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software preloaded on a device made by a company other than Microsoft (contact the device manufacturer).

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software sold separately from a device (contact the reseller or retailer).

  • Xbox 360 consoles, Kinect sensors for Xbox 360, and Xbox 360 accessories (refer to your warranty and product repair guidelines) -

  • Games or other software for Xbox 360 or Xbox One -

  • Phones and phone accessories (contact the reseller or retailer).

  • Products Microsoft no longer sells or supports.

  • Subscription products or services including Microsoft 365, Xbox Live, OneDrive, Skype, and Xbox Music Pass (contact your reseller or distributor if you didn’t buy directly from Microsoft) -

  • Products delivered via electronic distribution through a download link, a digital key (such as a 25-digit download key), or direct download delivery (contact the reseller or distributor), unless you are returning it because you do not agree with the license or warranty terms and you meet Microsoft’s conditions for refund, including confirmation that you uninstalled the software and made no copies; software keys will be blocked upon return.

  • Apps purchased from Windows Store or Windows Phone Store (contact Microsoft customer support) -

  • Products that have been refurbished by Microsoft and are sold without a warranty and products that have been refurbished by a party other than Microsoft (contact the reseller or retailer).

  • Products obtained through volume licensing (contact the reseller or retailer).

  • Reseller/retailer and contractor products (contact your Authorized Microsoft Distributor or Account Executive).

  • Products purchased from Microsoft Store (see the Microsoft Store returns policy) -

  • Products obtained as Not For Resale product.

  • Products purchased through the Microsoft employee purchase program -

  • Products purchased through the Microsoft Employee eCompany Store.

Timing and process information


Once we receive your request, we will review the details you provided and advise you on further steps. Please note that we might need further copies of specific documents that can only be sent through a secured link.

Failure to include all the required information may result in a denial of your request or a delay in the processing of your refund.

Please also note that for this process you would need to fulfill legal age requirements.

* For convenience Microsoft refers to software licenses and hardware as “products” in this policy. Customers actually acquire software licenses from Microsoft, not software.


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