Online Services Advisor (OSA) Sell Incentives FAQ

This FAQ is purely to promote better understanding of the OSA Sell Incentive program and not does replace the OSA Sell Incentive Guide. Please reference the latest incentive guide from MPN ( for more information on all program policies.

The OSA Sell Incentive Guide is refreshed on October 1st every year.

Please refer to the below eligibility requirements. Please note that fulfilling the eligibility requirements does not imply that you will start to earn incentives. You would also need to become associated with the subscription via OSA Claims, and you must remain compliant with the OSA Sell eligibility requirements over time. 


To check your exams eligibility status, you can log into PSBC, click on Partner Focus > Contracts and Authorizations, select Software Advisor from the drop-down menu, and select CRM Online/CSA/AX depending on the products. To check if you have met the license revenue threshold, go to the Performance Area in PSBC and selecting AX D365 Revenue or CRM/D365 Revenue from the drop-down which will show you’re your license revenue 12-month roll. If you are still uncertain or have additional questions, you may contact support through MPN/PSBC.

No, but you not will begin to earn incentives until you have completed the entire onboarding process (including bank and tax submission and approval by Microsoft), met the eligibility requirements, and become associated with a customer subscription.

Yes, both have a separate set of required exams. For more details, please see the Current list of CSA exam requirements

Although there are similarities, some of the certifications differ between CRM on-premise and CRMOL for instance.

Microsoft Dynamics Online Services purchased by the customer through MOSA/Web-Direct on the Office Customer Portal are eligible. Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics AX7 are also eligible when sold through EA, and CASA/EES. Only products listed on the Eligible Product List on MPN at count towards eligible revenue. 

The rule states that the POR starts earning Sell incentives from the day of purchase, but the payment will be contingent on the subscription remaining current for at least 60 days.

Claiming Partner of Record, i.e. the partner that associates with a customer through the claims functionality.

Yes, the customer must make a purchase, activate the subscription, and you must make a claim for each subscription where Online Services have been purchased to begin earning incentives.

No. As OSA Sell pays a one-time Sell fee per seat, if your organization became DPOR before March 29, 2019, then you have either been paid, or will be paid in an upcoming payment cycle. You will remain DPOR on your customer’s subscription until the expiration of the subscription, to provide administrative support.

In order for a Partner to qualify for OSA or CSA incentives, the partner’s 12-month revenue roll must meet a revenue amount (the “Threshold”) of eligible products. New CSA partners will have 24 months to ramp-up before the Revenue Threshold rules become effective. If a partner adds a second authorization during the term of an existing CSA agreement, there will be a second Threshold checkpoint 24 months after the new authorization was created. Please refer to the FY20 CSA Incentive Schedule found on MPN ( for additional details.

Revenue will be measured as the total on the following categories of eligible transactions by CRM and AX category respectively:

  1. Estimated Retail Price revenue for License and Software Assurance (L&SA) SKUs claimed through the CSA Program.

  2. Subscriptions and renewals of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, AX Online or Dynamics 365 Online claimed through the Online Services Advisor Sell Program for Online Solutions for the period.

  3. Subscriptions and renewals of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, AX Online or Dynamics 365 Online claimed through the Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP) for the period.

  4. Sale of licenses for Licensed Software solutions, sold through Solution Provider Agreement (SPA)

Yes, it is recognized through the CSP program for revenue recognition.

The snapshot will be captured on the 2nd Friday of each month. If you are attached prior to the snapshot date, the earnings for the subscription will be included in the statement that will be published within two weeks of the snapshot.

All incentives are disbursed monthly and paid 45 days after the monthly snapshot. Please check your payment report for payment details such as the payment date and payment reference.

Please make sure that you have the satisfied the eligibility requirements. Also make sure that you are associated to the subscription within 90 days of the transaction date. 

No, earnings will be auto generated for net new seats on a subscription with an approved claim.

There can only be one POR at a time per subscription.

In order to help partners focus further on attracting new customers to the Dynamics 365 suite of products, Microsoft is offering an incremental accelerator as part of the OSA Sell incentive as of October 1st, 2019.

Yes, the accelerator is incremental to the standard OSA Sell base rates.

They must have an active MPN agreement, fill out the Bank & Tax profile on Partner Center, and agree to the OSA Sell guide. ISVs do not need to sign the CSA agreement, nor meet the regular OSA Sell certification or revenue requirements, as they are not seeking OSA Sell incentive payments. ISVs must also successfully submit an ISV Revenue Recognition claim.

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