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I have a quote containing two inventory line items (bikes and helmets) each with a quantity of 10. I only want to transfer one inventory item to an order (the bikes), but if I change the Quantity to Order field to be 0 on the item which I want to keep on the quote (the helmets), the error Line item quantities are not fully distributed appears. I do not want to transfer the helmets. How can I get around this error?


This error will appear on a quote if the Quantity to Invoice, Quantity to Order and Quantity Canceled fields do not add up to the Quantity Quoted field. If you will be transferring the other documents to an order, you could put the Quantity Quoted number in the Quantity to Invoice box for the line item which you want to keep on backorder so that it is fully distributed. Since you are not choosing to transfer to an invoice, nothing will happen and that item will stay on the backorder. This theory can be used with any partial transfers in Sales Order Processing. Simply put the quantity in a field for the type of document which you are not transferring to. (This does not apply to Returns.) Note the following requirements for fully distributing quantities on other types of documents:

Orders: Quantity Ordered = Quantity to Invoice + Quantity to Back Order + Quantity Canceled

Invoices: Invoice Quantity = Billed Quantity + Quantity to Back Order + Quantity Canceled

Back Orders: Quantity Back Ordered= Quantity to Invoice + Quantity to Order + Quantity Canceled

NOTE: The quote must be set up as repeating in order for it to not go to history.

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