The new feature to reprint the payroll paystub will print the attendance balance from Payroll instead of Human Resources, even if Human Resources is marked in the HR Attendance setup window. The reprint paystub feature was new to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. 

To reprint paystubs, click on Inquiry, point to Payroll, and click on Check History. Enter the Employee ID, mark the appropriate paycheck and then click Recreate Paystub to print the ***Duplicate Pay stub***.


The reprinted pay stub uses a different report called Reprint Pay Statement in Report Writer than the original check printed on. The out of the box check stubs (original and reprinted) pull from Payroll by default and must be modified in Report Writer to pull Attendance balances from Human Resources. 


Use the steps below to modify the Reprint Pay Statement Report Writer:

1. Open Report Writer as follows:  

a. Click on Microsoft Dynamics GP, point to Tools, point to Customize, and then select Report Writer.

b. Select Dynamics GP as the Product, and then click OK.

c. Click the Reports button.

d. In the Original Reports list, click to select Reprint Pay Statement, and then click Insert.

2. Modify the report:
a. In the Modified Reports list, click to select ReprintPay Statement, and then click Open.

b. In the Report Definition window, click Layout.

c. On the report layout, the Time Off Balances are in the F1 footer section. Click to select the Vac Balance and Sick Bal fields and click Delete. 

d. Also delete the Vacation Balance and Sick Balance title next to each field. You will be dragging in arrays to print both the titles and hours inplace of these fields.

3. Drag out the Time Available Arrays that will print the Attendance balances from HR:

a. In the Toolbox, using the same UPR_Reprint_Checks table, scroll down to find the Time Available Array. Drag this out onto the Footer of the Layout and when you drop it, the Report Options window will open.  You will want to enter an Array Index of 1, and then click OK.

b.  Drag out the Time Available Array again, and this time set the Array Index to 2 and click OK.  Drag out as many arrays as you need and increment the Array Index accordingly.

c.  Then drag out either the Time Code Array or Time Code Description to the left of each Time Available Array.  When you drag this field onto the layout of the report, the Report Field Options window will open. You will want to enter a matching Array Index of 1,2,3, etc to match the Array Index of the Time Available array that you put it next to and then click OK. (For example, Time Code Array 1 should be next to Time Available Array 1, Time Code Array 2 should be next to Time Available Array 2, etc.) You can drag out as many arrays as you need and are not confined to two.

Note: The time codes that print will be the same timecodes that printed on the original check stub that was modified in the same manner. To check which codes these are, click on Cards, point to Human Resources, point to Employee-Attendance and click on Maintenance. Enter the Employee ID. As you scroll through the time codes assigned to this employee, the codes with the option for Print Available Time on Payroll Checks are the codes that will print in alpha-numeric order in the arrays that you dragged onto the report layout.

d.  Exit Report Writer and Save the changes to the report.

e.  On the File menu, select Microsoft Dynamics GP to exit Report Writer.

4. Grant Security to the modified format in Microsoft Dynamics GP:

a. Click Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, point to Tools, point to Setup, point to System and then click Alternate Modified Forms/Reports.
b. Select the ID associated with the users you would like to access the modified form.
c. Select Microsoft Dynamics GP as the Product and Reports as the Type.

d. Expand Payroll and then expand Reprint Pay Statement.  

e. Mark the Microsoft Dynamics GP (Modified) button.
f. Click Save.



Similar steps to modify the Check stub or Earnings Statement are listed in KB 2023150.  For more information and troubleshooting tips, click the following to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

2023150 The Check Stub or Earnings Statement displays Attendance balances from Payroll instead of Human Resources in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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