Click on the Payout Icon on the right of the top menu bar to choose between Transaction History and Payments

On the Transaction History tab you will see Upcoming and Recent Payments. The status will either by shown as

  • Unprocessed: planned (submitted for payment) but not approved yet

  • Upcoming: approved but not sent yet

  • Sent: paid – payment reference ID included.

On the Payments tab you will see any Paid or upcoming (Pending) payments, i.e. only those that are approved and not any unprocessed payments.

The Earned Date is the date that the earning was calculated and submitted for approval and payment so the July payments will have an earned date of June.

See the Reporting “Recommended Solutions” for more information.

The code RTLOFF, RTLPCA, RTLWIN, RTLSUR, or RTLXBX is included in the payment reference information provided with the payment to your bank for retail incentive payments. For more information please see:

Please refer to the Reporting “Recommended Solutions” for more information on the transaction level reports available. The report will show if the payment is for an Adjustment or a rebate. Unfortunately, adjustments (earnings prior to the enrollment date) do not provide line item level of information.

For a rebate you will be able to see the program or offer name along with the line items which earned incentives under each program or offer.

For example, it would show that 100 units of Product or Product Family A earned you $500 at a rate of $5 per unit for Offer ID 12345 while 77 units of Product B at a rate of $10 each earned your Company an additional $770 under the same Offer, giving a total earned of $1270. Keep scrolling to the right of the exported file to locate the Offer or Program name and details.

Tip:  create a simple pivot pulling in the “ ExternalReferenceID ” and the  EarningAmount  and any other fields you wish to include in a summary view. 

Microsoft applies an internal exchange rate which is set monthly. If your local currency is different and you select it then the payment will be made in that currency using an exchange rate as set monthly by Microsoft. The partner is responsible for any changes in value due to the currency selected. To avoid use of the Microsoft rate we recommend selecting the disbursement currency to match that used by Microsoft in your program letters.

When you are invited to enrol in an Incentive Program you will be able to enter the bank account details to which the payments should be made under a Payment Profile.

To change the details, you can go at any time to the MPN Overview page and select "View your Partner Profile" under Partner Account. From the menu on the left-hand pane select "Payout and Tax"

There you can edit an existing or add a new payment profile

Only the role of Incentives Admin can do this on your Company’s behalf.

The MPN/Account Admin can assign him or herself and/or a colleague to be the Incentives Admin.

There is also a role called Incentives User. This person can view Incentive earnings and payment details and reports but will not be able to edit bank and tax details.

It is recommended to use Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Firefox on the site. Please do not use Internet Explorer as all the functionality will not be available.


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