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Viva Sales does even more than offer rich insights after a Teams meeting with customers. You can also use it to share a customer’s record (contact, opportunities, and account) in a Teams chat or channel as an adaptive card.

With the Viva Sales app, you can:

  • Search for a record to share

  • Paste a link to a record that will unfurl into a rich adaptive card

Search for a CRM record to share

  1. Go to the conversation in which you want to share the contact. Select the Viva Sales icon under the message box.

    Viva Sales icon under message box

    If the Viva Sales icon isn’t there, select Messaging extensions (...), search for the Viva Sales app, and then select it.

  2. In the Viva Sales window, search for and select the record.


    • By default, the recently accessed records are displayed, without performing any search. You can either search for the record or use the record type tabs available above the search field to search for a particular record type.

    • The All tab allows you to search for all table type (contact, opportunities, and account) records. Other tabs are specific to a table type and allow you to search for that record type.

    • If you change the name of a record type in CRM, they are not updated in Adaptive Card or messaging extensions in Teams. For example, if you rename Account to Customer, the name in Adaptive Card and messaging extensions will show as Account.

    Viva Sales window

    The record card is added to the message box.

    Viva Sales contact card

    Note: The fields on a record's card are displayed as configured by your CRM administrator.

  3. Send the message to the chat.

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