The MPN Partner Admin (or Global Admin) should use the Skills report to assess the skills for their partner organization. They may need to ask their users to associate their skills and should plan future skills training to ensure the skills competency requirements are met; to earn a new or maintain an existing competency as they near the anniversary date.

Skills are assessments, certifications or exams eg MCP taken by the partner’s technical users. The partner user must associate their skills with their own Partner Center user account (see Link or unlink an MCP ID to or from a partner organization). This enables the Partner to use their organizations associated users as part of the requirements to earn a Microsoft competency.

If a user leaves your organization, you may lose relevant skills and if they join you may gain relevant skills. Ensure all new users associate their skills promptly. Please check if your competency attainment is at risk at least 3 months before your anniversary date, to allow time for new skills to be attained by your users.

Partners who moved their membership from PMC to the modern Partner Center (PC) platform have 6 months where their PMC based skills will be considered for competency attainment. You should use the skills report to identify and prioritize users with Yes for “Associated in PMC” and No for “Associated in PC” and request the users associate in PC as soon as possible.

A Microsoft competency is used by partners to demonstrate their areas of technical expertise to provide credibility with new customers and earn silver or gold competency benefits.

Partners must be enrolled in the MPN program prior to obtaining competencies. If you're not already a member of the partner network, go to the membership page on the partner network site and select Join when you're ready to sign up.

Skills recognition in Partner Center

Download skills report

How to read the skills report

Issues encountered related to Skills Report

How to get a quick view of the skills report data

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Skills recognition in Partner Center

Partners who moved their membership from PMC to the modern Partner Center (PC) platform have 6 months where their PMC based skills will be considered for competency attainment. You should use the skills report to identify users who have Yes for “Associated in PMC” and No for “Associated in PC”. If a user has No for “Associated in PC” and the skills are “Relevant for Competencies (Option) or Programs” they need to associate in PC as a priority to prevent your competency from being at risk!

The user requires a PC user account to enable association of new skills, see How to add a new user to your organization’s Microsoft Partner Network ID in Partner Center. The user who earned the skill must make the association to their PC account themselves, see Link or unlink an MCP ID to or from a partner organization. Association to the PC user account should be made with the same email address that was used in MsCert or the Partner University portal while taking exams / courses.

Download skills report

During the preparation for attaining a competency, Global Admin or MPN Partner Admin have the possibility to analyze who has completed an exam / certification / assessment and check the progress against the requirements of the competencies by accessing ‘Competencies’ Tab and then ‘Download skills report’.


When the file is downloaded and opened, you will see a table containing the details below.
Note: When a user associates their “Microsoft Exams and Certifications” and / or “Microsoft training & assessments” for the first time or completes new skills; it will take up to 72hours for the skills to be displayed in the Skills Report.


How to read the skills report

1. If your users are currently only associated to your account in PMC, be sure they complete their association in Partner Center. Your users must associate both “Microsoft Exams and Certifications” AND “Microsoft training & assessments”.

2. Only skills relevant to the competencies and programs of Partner Center are shown in this report (someretired skills may be shown for 12 months or more after retirement). Make sure you check the requirements under competencies in Partner Center or select the competency on the Microsoft Partner Network portal. Unless an exam / assessment / certification is specifically mentioned as part of the requirements listed under the competency, it will not be considered towards meeting the competency.

3. If there are no skills shown for a user they may be associated in Partner Center but they have not gained the relevant skills or they have merged their skills to a MCP ID that isn’t associated in Partner Center. If the user has duplicate accounts, the required skills may split into two or more accounts. For example, if you have the MSA tied to an MCID in the skills report and on the certification of transcript the same MSA has mentioned another MCID, the advice is to request merging the MCID from the transcript into the MCID already displayed in the skills report by contacting the designated team here. Once the MCP merge confirmed, you will not have to re-associate your MSA, as is already associated in PC. Once MCP id merge is confirmed, allow 24 hours to be reflected in Partner Center.

Issues encountered related to Skills Report


2. You associated your MCPs skills in Partner Center, however the system does not recognize you as proficient:

If the skills you completed are indeed part of the requirements mentioned on Partner Center Dashboard / MS partner portal and 72 hours already passed since completion, contact Microsoft Partner Support providing the below evidence:

  1. The AccountAdmin or MpnPartnerAdmin can access Partner Center User Management and click “Export report of Users who have access to Partner University or have associated Microsoft Learning account”, or user himself can provide screenshot from “My Profile”.

  2. Skills report from Competencies and click Download skills report.

  3. The proof for the relevant Microsoft exams and certification or training & assessments (see below few examples).

Note: Currently, in Partner Center we only recognize certification from two sources, i.e. Microsoft Learning and Partner University. Any other certificate taken from any other sources (OpenedX) is not considered.

Microsoft Learning proof for MCP transcript (for exams/certifications) passed and not recognized:

The following examples show different transcript formats requiring further escalation for investigations:



Partner University proof for Assessment– The following example assessment completion format requires further escalation for investigations:

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How to get a quick view of the skills report data

You can get a quick overview of skills report information in an easy to read format.

1. On the Competencies page, Click the Competency performance report link in the top right of the page.


2. Click the User skills data tab to see the same information as the download skills report in an easy to read format.


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