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This page outlines the support boundaries for Microsoft Dynamics on-premises products:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • Microsoft Dynamics SL

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on premises

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations on premises

Please review the below scenarios to understand how each will be handled by Microsoft Dynamics technical support.

Hotfixes, Service Packs / KB's

The only supported method of implementing a KB is to take the KB as released by Microsoft. KB's may, and often will include dependent code changes from previously released KB's. In these situations, Microsoft will not extract portions of code out of a released KB to provide a smaller more targeted fix. Doing so creates risk in several ways. By extracting specific code from a KB there is risk that missing dependent code is not included resulting in the fix not resolving the issue it was intended to resolve or creating issues in other areas. This also breaks the Microsoft Dynamics hotfix/service pack and LCS strategy. If a Partner or Customer chooses to proceed with extracting portions of a KB, this code is treated as a customization and they will assume the risk associated with this. Microsoft will not assist or support these efforts. 

After a Knowledge Base (KB) has been provided via a support case related to a hotfix / service pack, that case will be closed by the Microsoft support engineer. This case can be reopened if it is determined that the KB/hotfix or service pack does not resolve the problem it was intended to correct. If assistance is needed in installing a KB, a new case should be submitted to work through any issues with installing the KB, as opposed to reopening the previous case, which was to correct the core product issue. 

Performance Cases

Premier/Unified Support: Depending on the situation, performance issues may be handled via a normal reactive break fix support case or could require an advisory service at the discretion of the Microsoft Dynamics support team. For performance issues having impact in multiple areas of the business, an advisory service is required to investigate at a broader level. For isolated performance issues impacting a specific business function (i.e. Posting Sales Orders), these scenarios will start as a break-fix support case to troubleshoot to determine the cause. The Microsoft Dynamics support team will invest up to 4 hours of time on a break fix case to assist. If after 4 hours, we have not yet resolved the issue, an advisory case, consulting a partner or the community forums will be recommended for further investigation and the technical support incident will be closed. If at any point it is determined that the cause points to custom code, 3rd party or ISV software, something environmental or anything else outside of core Microsoft code, the Microsoft Dynamics Support team will provide evidence that supports this in order for the Customer/Partner to proceed with further investigation and resolution of the problem.

Non-premier:  Advisory services are not included in support plans outside of Premier or Unified.  We recommend that you consult a partner or the community forums for additional assistance.

Data Corruption

Data may become corrupt due to a variety of reasons (malfunctioning software, custom code, 3rd party or ISV software, power outages, etc.). Microsoft does not provide assistance for correcting damaged data.  Note that per the Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA), Microsoft does not have a legal obligation to change or correct data being corrupted due to malfunctioning software.

No Repro Steps / Customized Databases

In scenarios where a problem is not able to be reproduced in a standard non-modified Dynamics installation, the Microsoft Dynamics support team will invest best effort support up to 4 hours of time on a break fix case to assist. If after 4 hours, we have not yet identified the repro steps of an issue, consulting a partner or the community forums will be recommended for further investigation and the technical support incident will be closed.

Chargeable Incidents

Technical support incidents initiated with support professionals are considered chargeable unless the support professional determines it to be not chargeable during the life of the incident.

The following are some examples of chargeable incidents.

Troubleshooting assistance—you will be charged for troubleshooting assistance. An example of troubleshooting assistance may include a situation where the transaction is not for the correct amount or date. Occasionally, you may initiate a support incident, and later discover the solution by yourself. These situations are still chargeable unless the Microsoft support professional has made no effort to assist you.

Business-critical help—you will be charged for emergency support. A severity-one support issue involves a mission-critical operation that is halted. Business-critical operations include system-down situations as well as situations where an operation vital to the customer's success cannot be performed, resulting in potential threats to the financial or legal obligations of the customer. An example of business-critical help includes recovering your system after a hardware or power failure, or you are wondering what to do if your computer crashes while posting a batch.

System or implementation problems—you will be charged to help overcome system or implementation problems. Examples of these types of problems include asking what is wrong if you are unable to launch your solution from one of your workstations when you are installing your solution. Or after installing on a new workstation you just added to your network, you are unable to launch your solution from the new workstation and are wondering what could be wrong.

Non-Chargeable Incidents

The following are some examples of non-chargeable incidents:

Ongoing incidents—Additional calls or e-mails needed to solve an ongoing issue are not considered chargeable. Incidents are assigned a case number. You can also review the status of an ongoing incident that is being researched by a support professional by reviewing your support history in the Existing Technical Support Requests on If you have more information about a support incident, you can locate your case number in your support history, choose update, and add additional details at no charge.

Incidents related to software problems—Incidents caused by a confirmed software problem in a Microsoft product are not charged. This includes reporting software problems to us and obtaining assistance in determining if there is a possible workaround or temporary solution to the issue. There are no charges for obtaining any available service packs to correct the problem if you are enrolled in a Service Plan. After additional research, if an incident that was previously charged is determined to be a result of a software problem, the original charge will be reversed. A call or e-ma​il requesting that a customer's name be added to an existing problem report is also not charged.

Language of Support

In adherence to our worldwide support process, all cases need to be submitted in English.

Reopening of Support Incident

A support incident may be reopened:

  1. ​​​​If the Software and Hardware remains the same – example product build number, no new security updates or patches have been installed or no new hotfixes have been installed. If the build is different, Log a New Support incident.

  2. If the error/Problem occurring is the same as the original incident and it occurs on the same environment/machine/document as the original incident. If the error occurs on a new machine/for a different user/different document – Log a New Support incident.

  3. ​If a new error occurs after installing a hotfix or trying some suggestions from the original incident, it will be treated as a new error and hence needs a New Support incident​.​​

  4. If a case has been closed three or more months it is recommended to Log a New Support incident as the details have likely changed in that timeframe.

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