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When I perform
Reconcile Inventory Quantities (Utilities - Inventory- Reconcile)what tables are being used?


The Reconcile Inventory Quantities utility reconciles the quantitiesin the Inventory files.The Inventory files involved in the reconcile are:

  • Purchase Receipts (IV10200)

  • Purchase Receipts Detail (IV10201)

  • Item Master (IV00101)

  • Item Serial Number Master (IV00200)

  • Item Quantity Master (IV00102)

  • Item Lot Number Master (IV00300)

  • ItemVendor Master (IV00103)

  • Inventory Transaction Amounts Work (IV10001)

  • Inventory Serial and Lot Numbers Work (IV10002)

  • Item Site Bin Master (IV00112)

  • Inventory Transaction Bin Quantities Work (IV10003)

  • Inventory Transaction Bin Quantities History (IV30302)

Additional files outside of Inventory are involved in the reconcile if modules Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing, or Invoicing are loaded.This involves the following files:

  • Purchase Order Line (POP10110)

  • Purchasing Receipt Line Quantities (POP10500)

  • Sales Transaction Amounts Work (SOP10200)

  • Sales Serial/Lot Work and History (SOP10201)

  • Invoicing Transaction Amounts Work (IVC10101)

  • Invoicing Serial and Lot Number Work(IVC10102)

  1. Thequantitiesare reconciled first between the Purchase Receipts and the Item Serial Number Master file.

  2. Then the Purchase Receipts and Item Lot Number Master files are reconciled.

  3. At this point, the quantities are reconciled between the Purchase Receipts file and Item Quantity Master file

  4. Reallocating of Inventory Transaction Amounts Work, Inventory Serial and Lot Numbers Work, Sales Transaction Amounts Work, Sales Serial/Lot Work and History, Invoicing Transaction Amounts Work and Invoicing Serial and Lot Number Work tables is done next.

  5. The On Order quantities are determined for the Item Quantity Master and Item Vendor Master tables by comparing them to the Purchase Order Line and Purchasing Receipt Line Quantities tables.

  6. The laststep in the reconcile is to reconcile the quantitieson each of the items’ individual quantitylocation recordsto the total quantity record for that same item.


A report indicating the changes made during the reconcile processing is generated when this window is used.

The report is the Inventory Reconcile report.This information printed on this report is saved to a temporary file during the reconcile processing.

As with other utilities the prompting for the destination of the report is done at the start of the processing when the Reconcile button is used.This report is then generated when all reconcile processing is complete.

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The issue that is described in the Question section does not apply to Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0.

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