Technical Benefits Tab for MPN Partners in Partner Center

As an MPN Partner, you have access to yearly subscriptions to software, support, and benefits your businesses if you want to begin, build, and grow your Microsoft practice in the cloud-first, mobile-first world through MAPS, Silver and/or Gold competencies.

Once you have acquired a subscription, in your Benefits tab, in your Partner Center dashboard, you can review, activate, sort or download the benefits of interest belonging to one of the categories available to you, by clicking on either of the following tabs, if you are an user with Global Admin or an MPN Partner Admin role:

If you are unsure on where to find your MPN benefits in your Partner Center dashboard, please follow the guidance outlined here.

If you are looking for what benefits are offered to you through MAPS, Silver and/ or Gold Competencies, you can find them here:

If you are looking to find a general overview of the Benefits offered through our MPN offers, please read our Benefits Overview in Partner Center article

Technical Benefits

This tab shows all the technical benefits you are entitled to as part of your active enrolment Membership Offer/s. The expiry date includes an additional 30 days to allow time for reenrolment.

You have 2 types of technical benefit 

  1. Product Support Incidents 

    • Use for technical support / break-fix, product functionality failure, error message etc.

    • Microsoft Product Support incidents are used forrecenton-premises products and Signature are used for cloud products.

    • Global or MPN Partner Admin, go to Partner Center, Benefits, Technical benefits click Activate.  Activation takes upto 5 business days, when activated the Access ID and Contract ID are displayed. Use the Access ID and Contract ID for Azure, D365 and on-premises product support ticket / incident creation.

      • Partners participating in the Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP) may select “Cloud Solution Provider” support plan for Azure.

  2. Partner Advisory Hours

    • Use when you require a technical consultation for presales or deployment. The service is delivered by Partner technical consultants.

    • Click on the link to "Submit technical presales and deployment request" (activation is not required)

Product Support Incidents

Microsoft Partner Network Technical benefits need to be activated before support incidents can be used for Azure*, D365 or On-premises products. The Global or MPN partner Admin should click Activate.


Users can see Access ID and Contract ID following activation.


*Partners participating in the Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP) use the “Cloud Solution Provider” support plan when creating Azure requests on behalf of their customers.

See also Microsoft Partner Network Support contract activation and Access ID in Partner Center


Partner Advisory Hours

You do no need to activate the benefit before use. Use when you need a technical consultation for presales or deployment. The service is delivered by partner technical consultants.

Simply sign-in and click the link to "Submit technical presales and deployment request"


To learn more see Technical Presales and Deployment Services

Benefit types

You have 2 types of technical benefit.


Support Incidents

Advisory hours

Quick check

Functionality broken or you see an error message.

You need help with technical sales or deployment.


Work with technical support engineers for reactivebreak-fix troubleshooting to fix a specific issue / problem, error messages, or functionality that is not working as expected for Microsoft products. Example: “It was working, but now it fails with error code 123”

Work with Partner Technical Consultants (PTC) for a technical consultation focused on cloud services with limited On-Premises products, to build your technical capabilities faster and increase sales, deploy more effectively, and accelerate app development.

Partner benefits

  • Product Support Incidents - Gold, Silver and Action pack for On-Premises products

  • Signature Cloud Support Incidents Gold or Silver for Cloud products (Signature Cloud Support)

  • Partner Advisory hours

    • Gold, Silver and Action pack partners only


How to use



Advice on the technical benefits page

The Technical benefits page gives a summary and links to Learn more.


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