The AR Transactions quick query displays transactions multiple times


The AR Transactions quick query displays transactions multiple times.


There is an unsuitable join on the view used for this query.  There is a join on batch number and the join should be on batch number and reference number.


Alter the quick query view by executing the following statement on the application database in SQL Server Management Studio.

alter VIEW [QQ_artran]
     a.BatNbr AS [Batch Number], a.Rlsed AS [Released],a.RefNbr AS [Reference Number],a.TranType AS [Transaction Type],a.TranDesc AS [Transaction Description],
     a.CustId AS [Customer ID],CASE WHEN CHARINDEX('~', C.Name) > 0 THEN CONVERT(CHAR(60),
  LTRIM(SUBSTRING(C.Name, 1, CHARINDEX('~',C.Name) - 1)) + ', ' + LTRIM(RTRIM(SUBSTRING(Name, CHARINDEX('~',C.Name) + 1, 60)))) ELSE C.Name END AS [Customer Name],
     b.Terms, a.Qty AS [Quantity], a.TranAmt AS [Transaction Amount], convert(date,a.TranDate) AS [Transaction Date],
     b.DiscBal AS [Discount Balance], convert(date,b.DiscDate) AS [Discount Date], convert(date,b.DueDate) AS [DueDate], a.PerPost AS [Period To Post],
     a.Acct AS [Account], a.Sub AS [Subaccount], a.AcctDist AS [Account Distribution] ,a.CmmnPct As [Commission Percent], a.CnvFact AS [Conversion Factor],
     a.ContractID, a.CostType, a.CpnyID AS [Company ID], convert(date,a.Crtd_DateTime) AS [Create Date], a.Crtd_Prog AS [Create Program],
     a.Crtd_User AS [Create User], a.CuryExtCost AS [Currency Extended Cost], a.CuryId AS [Currency ID], a.CuryMultDiv AS [Currency Multiply/Divide], a.CuryRate AS [Currency Rate],
     a.CuryTaxAmt00 AS [Currency Tax Amount 01], a.CuryTaxAmt01 AS [Currency Tax Amount 02], a.CuryTaxAmt02 AS [Currency Tax Amount 03],a.CuryTaxAmt03 AS [Currency Tax Amount 04], a.CuryTranAmt AS [Currency Transaction Amount],
     a.CuryTxblAmt00 AS [Currency Taxable Amount 01], a.CuryTxblAmt01 AS [Currency Taxable Amount 02], a.CuryTxblAmt02 AS [Currency Taxable Amount 03], a.CuryTxblAmt03 AS [Currency Taxable Amount 04], a.CuryUnitPrice AS [Currency Unit Price],
     a.DrCr AS [Debit/Credit], a.Excpt AS [Grid Line is User Loaded], a.ExtCost AS [Extended Cost],
     a.FiscYr AS [Fiscal Year], a.FlatRateLineNbr, a.InstallNbr AS [Installment Number], a.InvtId AS [Inventory ID], a.JobRate,
     a.JrnlType AS [Journal Type], a.LineId, a.LineRef AS [Line Reference Number], convert(date,a.LUpd_DateTime) AS [Last Update Date],
     a.LUpd_Prog AS [Last Update Program], a.LUpd_User AS [Last Update User], a.MasterDocNbr AS [Master Document Number], a.NoteId,
     a.PC_Flag AS [Project Controller Billable], a.PC_Status AS [Project Controller Status], a.PerEnt AS [Period Entered], 
     a.ProjectID, a.ServiceCallID, convert(date,a.ServiceDate) AS [ServiceDate],
     a.ShipperCpnyID AS [Shipper Company ID], a.ShipperID, a.ShipperLineRef AS [Shipper Line Reference Number], a.SiteId, a.SlsperId AS [Salesperson ID],
     a.SpecificCostID, a.TaskID, a.TaxAmt00 AS [Tax Amount 01], a.TaxAmt01 AS [Tax Amount 02],
     a.TaxAmt02 AS [Tax Amount 03], a.TaxAmt03 AS [Tax Amount 04], a.TaxCalced AS [Tax Calculated], a.TaxCat AS [Tax Category], a.TaxId00,
     a.TaxId01, a.TaxId02, a.TaxId03, a.TaxIdDflt AS [Tax ID Default], 
     a.TranClass AS [Transaction Class],a.TxblAmt00 AS [Taxable Amount 01],
     a.TxblAmt01 AS [Taxable Amount 02], a.TxblAmt02 AS [Taxable Amount 03], a.TxblAmt03 AS [Taxable Amount 04], a.UnitDesc AS [Unit Description], a.UnitPrice,
     a.User1, a.User2, a.User3, a.User4, a.User5,
     a.User6, convert(date,a.User7) AS [User7], convert(date,a.User8) AS [User8], a.WhseLoc AS [Warehouse Bin Location]
FROM    Artran a with (nolock)
        INNER JOIN customer c with (nolock) ON a.CustID = c.CustId
        INNER JOIN Ardoc b with (nolock) ON a.batnbr = b.batnbr and a.RefNbr=b.RefNbr

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