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How do I setup Third Party Billing in Project Series?

Here are some tips to setup Third Party Billing.


Third Party Billing is available starting with version 6.08 of Project Accounting (version information can be found by going to Setup-Project-Project)

Third Party Billing information is found on both the Contract and Project. For the contract go to Cards-Project-Contract-Contract Settings. You will see the expansion box next to Customer ID. The Customer ID that you see in this window is the primary customer for the Contract.

Then if you click on this expansion box the Third Party Customer List window will open. Third Party customers can be assigned in this window. Only customers that have project information setup will be allowed to be assigned in this window.

Once customers are assigned and the contract is saved a message asking to roll down the changes to the Project will appear. You can choose whether to roll down changes to all projects on the contract.



In Cards-Project-Project-Billing Settings there is another expansion box for the Third Party Customer List.

The Tax Address ID in this window will be used in billing entry. This Tax Address ID will not default in as the Bill to Address ID in billing entry but the tax schedule assigned to this address ID will be used for the Project Tax Schedule ID in the scrolling window in billing entry.

The Restrict to Customer List is used when verifying the customer in Billing Entry

If the Restrict to Customer List box is marked then only the customers assigned to the Third Party Customer List will be able to be used to bill that project. If a customer is not on the list you will get an error message stating that the customer is not on the Third party billing list.

If the Restrict to Customer List box is not marked then in billing entry you can add Customers to the list “on the fly.” Meaning that if a customer is not assigned as a Third Party customer, they can be used in billing entry to bill a project and will be added to the Third Party Customer list during billing entry.

The Restrict to Customer list is verified at the PROJECT LEVEL, not the contract level. The contract level settings are used to roll down to the project level.

Third Party Billing is not supported using Billing Cycles.

In Billing Entry when the lookup is chosen there is an option for All or Assigned. For the customer that is chosen in Billing Entry only their primary projects will show under assigned. If they are assigned as a third party customer they will not show under the assigned tab. The All tab will show all projects in the system.

If a Retainer Fee or Retention Fee is billed using a third party customer, only the third party customer may be used to apply future billings or bill the retention fee.

For any new Contracts and Projects the Restrict to Customer List check box will be automatically marked. There is a utility that will automatically mark the box Restrict to Customer List for both the Projects and Contracts that are already setup. It will need to be added to the Shortcut Bar. To add it to the Shortcut bar go to Add-Other Window. Click on the + next to Project, then click on the + next to Project Accounting. It is called Initialize Third Party Billings. Click Add, then click Done. It should be added to the Shortcut Bar now.

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