This application uses CTL3D32.DLL which has not correctly been installed.

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During the install of Crystal Report Writer, I get and error that
"This application uses CTL3D32.DLL which has not correctly been installed"

Crystal Report Writer checks for the presence of a CTL3D32.DLL file on the machine during the process of installation. If one is discovered, a new one is not installed from the Crystal Installation CD. Dynamics installs this file.

Search for CTL3D32.DLL files.
Rename any files found.
Copy the CTL3D32.DLL file from the Dynamics CD to the WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory.
Change the properties to archive.

The file is located in the following directory on the Dynamics CD:

If still having problems, Seagate Sofware suggests to expand the file, CTL3D95.DL_ from the Crystal Install CD 1 to CTL3D32.DLL, and place it into the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.

This is done as follows:
In DOS, switch to the CD directory in which the file is, and then type "EXPAND CTL3D32.DL_".
You will then be prompted for the destination, which is WINDOWS\SYSTEM\CTL3D32.DLL

NOTE: If this error is produced on an NT 3.51 operating system, the file CTL3DNT.DL_, will need to be copied to the NT32\SYSTEM32 directory from the Crystal Install CD, and expanded to CTL3D32.DLL.

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