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Running Revolution R Enterprise on a Teradata device provides extremely good performance for large datasets.  The following information shouldbe reviewed prior to attempting to install to aid in a successful deployment.


Has the Revolution R Enterprise (RRE) client been installed and odbc connectivity verified?

Has correct version of RRE client been installed? RRE Client and Server versions must match.

Does user have documentation?

Does user have root access?

Is psh available (not required but makes the next step easier)?
which psh

Are PUT and PUTTools installed on all nodes?
psh rpm -qa TDput
psh rpm -qa PUTTools

Can user log on to PUT as root via web browser?

Does user have sufficient privileges to create a test user and database?
Have user review instman_teradata.pdf starting at page 8. 

Can user restart the Teradata DBS? A restart is required after installation and configuration of RRE.

Will restarting the DBS need to be scheduled?

What test user account will we be using? Suggest creating a temporary account such as RevoTester or ut1 as shown in the instman_teradata.pdf.

Has RevoTestDB been created, table(s) created and data loaded?
This could be done from the client side via BTEQ and fastload. The way it is done doesn't really matter.
Create a test DB:
create database RevoTestDB from sysdba as perm=20E9;
Data locations and fast load script:

How much space is available on nodes? Need more than 500MB on all nodes
psh df -h

Check OS version:
less /etc/issue

Does user have the correct RRE tar.gz file for the Teradata DBS OS? Is it on one of the nodes?

Need a directory to for temporary job files on all Teradata nodes, has this been created?.
At a minimum, this needs to be rwx for user "tdatuser"
Suggest "/tmp/revoJobs"

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