Tracking Attendance in HR and using eTimesheets for Payroll

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If employees enter their vacation/sick/holiday time they have taken in eTimesheets and the system is already tracking attendance in the Human Resources module, the Attendance in Human Resources won’t be updated correctly.

When you enter time with pay codes in eTimesheets, it will then produce a batch with that information and send it to the Payroll module. The batch bypasses Human Resources. Therefore, any time entered in eTimesheets for vacation, sick, or holiday, will not update Human Resources. However, when using Human Resources to track Attendance, transactions need to be updated in Human resources first. How can you use Human resources to track Attendance and use eTimsheets?


There are a couple options when using eTimesheets and tracking Attendance with Human Resources.

1. You can choose to not make the vacation/sick/holiday paycodes available in eTimesheets. Employees would not enter their time here. It could just be entered as usual in the Human Resources attendance transaction entry, Cards | Human Resources | Employee | Attendance | Transaction Entry. Then, it would flow to payroll correctly as a batch to be included in the pay run.

2. You could allow the vacation pay codes to be available in eTimesheets and the employees to enter that time. When the batch came to payroll, you could delete the transactions relating to vacation and then enter those as transactions in Human Resources Attendance. Then the vacation transactions could flow to Payroll in a batch from Human Resources.

3. Another feature you could use is the note in eTimesheets. You could have the employee enter any hours worked and then on the particular day they can attach a note, which is the Note button below entering their time. With the cursor on a particular day, they can click on note and indicate if there was any vacation time. Then the supervisor could see the note attached to the day and have the amount entered in Human Resources Attendance. The employee could also use the document notes field to indicate vacation time when entering a timesheet and the supervisor could read those as well.

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