Unable to launch Test Mode in Dexterity using Microsoft Business Solutions

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Cannot launch into Test Mode with Dexterity.


It could be multiple reasons that is causing Test Mode to fail, follow the below steps to correct the problem.

1.Make sure you have a working Great Plains installation. Launch Great Plains by dragging the Dynamics.set file on top of the Dynamics.exe from your installed application directory. Do not use a shortcut. Verify that you can get into Great Plains successfully via this method.

2. Once you are in Great Plains, exit out. At this point copy the Dex.ini from the working Great Plains directory into the Dexterity directory (location of Dex.exe). Once the Dex.ini is copied, launch Dexterity and attempt to openyour development dictionary and launch test mode. If it still fails go to the next step.

3. Copy the Dynamics.dic from the working Great Plains directory into your Dexterity directory. Launch Dexterity and open the newly copied Dynamics.dic. Attempt to launch Test Mode. Test Mode should launch successfully,since this dictionary worked in runtime. If Test Mode doesn't launch, the Dex.ini was not copied correctly in step 2. If you can get in to test mode, then the problem is with the development dictionary used in step 2. In this case, proceed tostep 4.

4.See the following Knowledge Base Article to verify that your development dictionary is the same type of dictionary as your Great Plains installation is using:

851252 Switching between Dynamics and eEnterprise development dictionaries

5.If Test Mode still does not work, then the dictionary you are using is not synchronized to the data (specifically the account framework being used). You have two options, you can use the Dynamics.dic that was copied into your Dexterity directory in step 3 and update it with your changes.This dictionary is already synchronized to the data.If using Source Code Control, simply do an Update All and then Test Mode will work. The second option is to synchronize your development dictionary to match the data's account framework. Continue to step 6 for the proper steps.

6. In the working Great Plains directory, rename the Dynamics.dic. Copy your development dictionary into the Great Plains directory and rename it to Dynamics.dic. In the Dex.ini, change the Synchronize=FALSE line to Synchronize=TRUE. Launch Great Plains Utilities and let the dictionary synchronize.This should happen as you launch Utilities. Next, launch Great Plains and verify that you can get in. Exit Great Plains.Copy your new development dictionary back into your development location, and rename the original dynamics.dic back. Now, Test Mode should work successfully.

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