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As a seller, you communicate with a lot of potential customers by email. Viva Sales helps you prepare for your engagements. It gathers information from your CRM system and Microsoft Office and enriches it with actionable insights, so you can be more effective right where you spend most of your day. 

You can get related information from CRM at your fingertips, save activities (such as emails and meetings) to CRM, and get an overview of recent interactions with your customers.

If you don’t have access to Viva Sales, ask your administrator to install it.

In this article

Open Viva Sales for the first time

The first time you use Viva Sales in Outlook, an introductory message appears when you compose an email or create a meeting. After you interact with the message, the Viva Sales pane opens. Sign in to your CRM (Dynamics 365 or Salesforce) to start using Viva Sales.

  1. In the introductory message at the top of the draft email or meeting invitation, select Check it out.

    Introduction message

    The Viva Sales pane appears to the right of the compose window.

    Viva Sales welcome screen

  2. Select Sign in to get started and sign in to your CRM.

    Salesforce: Select your Salesforce environment, and then select Sign in. In the confirmation message, select Allow. Enter your Salesforce credentials, and then select Log In. Select Allow, and then select Allow access.

    Dynamics 365: You’re signed in automatically using your Office credentials. Select your Dynamics 365 environment, and then select Get started.
    Your Dynamics 365 environment matches the URL your browser shows when you sign in to Dynamics 365. For example, if the URL is, select in the list.

  3. Continue to work in the Viva Sales pane.

Open Viva Sales thereafter

It's easy to get back to Viva Sales, whether you're using Outlook on your desktop or in the web app.

  • In Outlook on your desktop, open an email or a meeting, and then select Viva Sales on the Home tab.

    Viva Sales icon on Home tab

  • In Outlook on the web, open an email or a meeting, select  Add-ins icon and then select Viva Sales.

    More actions

  • You can also open Viva Sales when you’re drafting an email or creating a meeting. Select Show details in the message that’s displayed above the compose window.

    Viva Sales message

The Viva Sales pane opens to the right of the compose window.

Viva Sales pane opens

Pin the Viva Sales app

To keep Viva Sales in view as you move through your emails and meetings, pin it so that the app pane stays open.

To pin the app, select the pushpin Pin the app. To unpin it, select the pushpin  Unpin the app again.

Anatomy of the Viva Sales pane

Anatomy of the app pane




Contact details, such as title and account


Private notes card to enter personal notes for a contact. These notes are private to you and not saved to CRM system.


Recent emails and meetings (previous and upcoming) with the contact


Back button to return to the list of CRM contacts and external contacts


Pin or unpin the app pane


Close the app pane


Options menu


The customer’s contact information


Options menu. Allows you to edit the contact, copy link to the contact, and open it in your connected CRM.

Note: The option to edit a record is available only when it is enabled by your administrator.


Opportunities that are associated with the contact


The account that’s associated with the contact

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